BT to enter the mobile market, again.


As predicted, BT will be making moves to get back into the mobile market for the first time in yonks, since it spun-off from O2.

Chief executive Ian Livingston says that BT planned to use the 4G spectrum it won to offer a mobile network to existing customers alongside their broadband, television and landline offers.

Of course, BT already have something of a partnership with Vodafone, providing 3G, but after the telecoms company teamed-up with O2, it was obvious they were making inroads to come back into the mobile market.

Livingston added that this partnership would provide mobile coverage outside the home, as well as a new Home Hub to improve 4G inside the home, creating a “very cheap 4G network.”

"We can confirm that we’re exploring various options given the excellent spectrum we have and that we plan to build on our strength in WiFi," said a BT spokesperson.


  • jt
    He should stick to writing choose-your-own adventures.
  • Daily M.
    Imagine the great support you'll get from Bombay Telecom when the mobile service fails because the pikeys have nicked their masts AGAIN.

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