BT introduces landline smartphone - apps and nuisance call blocking for all!

Landlines aren't as essential as they once were, but BT have hit on an idea for those who still want a home phone which isn't bad at all - make a phone that acts like a smartphone.

BT's new Home SmartPhone S device has a bunch of apps, can access the internet and features 'Nuisance Call Blocking' technology that, according to them, allows us to block 80%of unwanted calls.


As well as internet access, the Android-powered phone comes with 2GB of expandable memory to store music and photos, and of course, you can piddle about on Twitter or watch videos on YouTube or whatever. You'll be able to download extra apps via the Opera apps store.

BT Wifi and Devices director Erik Raphael says: "The Home SmartPhone S makes the home phone central to family life again, allowing you to look up numbers online and communicate with friends and family via email, Facebook or calls."

BT launched the BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker in February last year, but this new handset is clearly one of their better ideas.

Fancy one?


  • j.
    So why not sell me a device that lets me use me connect my actual smartphone to my landline when I am in range of it? That would be a lot more use than having yet another phone. Also is this them trying somehow to make landline phones relevant rather than just something you have so you can broadband when there is no cable to your house?
  • JonB
    It's remarkable that no one has come up with a phone or email system which allows the user to define a white list of contacts that they want to receive calls or email from. That would block 100% of unwanted calls. Also, why is this using the Opera app store instead of the Google Play store?
  • Richard
    Landlines are so WHOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Michael H.
    Does it block trollies?
  • flipperni
    £169 for this or £50 for the other one they can feck off. They should be blocking nuisance calls for free as part of their very expensive service.
  • Cheesey
    It's not in BT's interest to block ANY calls. Telecoms companies are paid call carrier and termination fees. So any text or spam call earns them money.
  • Skymarshall
    Just keep my fecking number ex-directory like I told you to in the first place you bastards.

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