BT and the £5-a-month deals

Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT aren't messing about with their newly unveiled mobile deals. They're offering super cheap deals which will raise a bit of interest (and scorn, naturally).

You can get 4G deals from £5 per month with BT Sport thrown-in, which ain't bad. There's also monthly spend caps if you want and, there's a freedom to switch between BT's mobile plans without having to take out new contracts.

So what deals are there?

- 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes for £5 a month if you have BT Broadband, £10 a month if you don't.

- 2GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes for £12 a month with BT Broadband (non BT customers, £17)

- 20GB of 4G data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, for £20 a month if you have BT Broadband (non BT customers, £25)

If you're crazy about these offers, then you can get 5 SIMs per household. Of course, these deals are SIM-only, with BT holding off on package deals until they take over EE (Ofcom decision pending). Obviously, you can't do much with 500MB of 4G data, but y'know, that'll be enough for someone and for a fiver a month, they're not going to grumble.

Hopefully, some of the other providers have just shit their pants and will start lowering their prices.


  • JonB
    The deals are only good if you're an over-paying, badly served BT broadband customer. Comparing the data plans with Three, who also give unlimited texts on all plans: 500MB BT: £10, Three: £8 2GB BT: £17, Three: £11 for 200 mins, £19 for 600 mins and 4GB 20GB BT: £25, Three: £17 for 200 mins or £22 for 600 mins and unlimited data, or £27 for unlimited mins and data In fact, the BT deals are not much better than the current EE deals, so I don't see much need for a change of pants there.
  • David
    I have been waiting 8 days to date to receive a transfer of phone number. When I have complained the party line from BT is that my previous service provider has not sent the appropriate files. I have been fobbed off every day. I am now told because it's the weekend, nothing will be done until Monday - 11 days without a phone. So far, BT is a let down. The price might be good but the service in retaining phone numbers is poor. I suggest you try one of the other service providers who are giving good deals on a SIM only basis. Best of luck

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