Browser-based jailbreak now available for iPhone

jailbroken_iphone It’s only been a few days since the US Library of Congress determined that jailbreaking the iPhone could be regarded as ‘fair use’ and now there’s a browser-based service that allows iPhone owners to do just that.

JailbreakMe 2.0 has been upgraded to cover the iPhone 4 and allows phones to be jailbroken just by visiting its site – previously, iPhone users who wanted to fanny about with their handsets had to download and run a programme.

This theoretically makes it the simplest way to get into Apple’s ‘walled garden’ and enhance your iPhone, but users of JailbreakMe are reporting problems with MMS and Facetime on jailbroken iPhone 4 handsets. Fixes for the glitches are almost certainly being worked on right now, so it might be worth waiting for.

Also, the ruling from last week covers the US of America, so jailbreaking your phone in the UK is still technically in breach of Apple’s terms and conditions and could void your warranty. Be careful out there kids.

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  • Rhinestone
    This is awesome, just done my iPhone 4.
  • Ste
    Its interesting reading all these problems and fixes and apps etc. available for the iPhone (with a new model presumably being released in time for Christmas, going by how quickly a new version seems to be being released). I'm still not caught up in the world of iPhone and apps yet - I've still got my trusty XDA Stellar (HTC) that's now just over 2 years old and left the first two iPhones for dust, functionally and with the software that was on it. The latest 2 aren't much better than my XDA in some respects, but beyond all that, it works. Reliably as well. Long live HTC.
  • Ste
    Just to qualify that though, I'm not knocking iPhone-ists, if they work for you, then great. I just find all the hype and furore a little unnecessary. It is only a phone after all.
  • Liam G.
    The fix for MMS and FaceTime was done last night while we were sleeping. Anyone who used jailbreakme after 4am ish this morning didn't even notice the issue :)
  • sibeer
    Nice jailbreak, I installed earlier today. Had to clear the cache on my browser and try a second time after it crashed on first attempt. For software testing purposes try Installous, great app.
  • Gaz
    I'm off into the Apple Store in Eldon Square to jailbreak the feck out of all their iPhones, just for shits and giggles. Who's with me?
  • Scottish H.
    I just Jailbroke my first gen iPod touch. Cheers!
  • Issac M.
    @ the ruling from last week covers the US of America, so jailbreaking your phone in the UK is still technically in breach of Apple’s terms and conditions and could void your warranty JB in the US and your're still going to void your warranty. The ruling was about the legality of doing it.
  • Blackberry b.
    Ok - i know i am probably going to get flamed here however...what does a jailbroken phone allow you to do that a non-jailbroken phone does not?
  • Rhinestone
    Blackberry Boy, jailbreaking gives you root access to the phone.
  • Dane
    too bad i've already broken with spirit/blackra1n
  • Jason
    Hey guys, if you're experiencing problems accessing the site, reboot your device, go to settings,safari, clear cache, cookies and history and turn off fraud and ad block. Navigate to jailbreak me and voilà! Have just done my iPhone 4 and iPad in this way!!
  • Zleet
    If I was to jailbreak my brothers Ipod touch can he still use Itunes or would that be a no go?
  • A B.
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  • Deepolis G.
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