Brits - generally quite rude while on the phone

mobile We've all seen 'em - berks using their phones in public in a hugely inconsiderate fashion, yakking loudly about their personal stuff which you don't need to know.

That said, we shouldn't be eavesdropping so much, so everyone's as bad aren't they?

Well, O2 have been researching all this and revealed exactly that - that we're all quite rude when it comes to using our mobiles. They've found that over 80% of British folk are listening in to other people's calls and that 9 in 10 Brits think that people have no reservations when they're on the phone. 40% of people will relay what they've heard on social media.

60% of us think that we could collectively benefit from some kind of guide to etiquette regarding mobile use on public transport.

Handily, O2 have knocked such a thing up, helping everyone to be considerably less rude while their on their phones.


O2 commissioned the survey to point in the direction of the TU Go app (it helps O2 customers to text, call and check your voicemail over WiFi without the need for a signal) while whispering: 'Hey - don't be a hooting idiot now you can use your phone on the train more frequently'.

That said, according to the results of the survey, 6% of you actually enjoy the idea of people being able to hear your conversations. Absolute filth.

"We’re now able to make use of our phone in more places than ever before, including on the underground," said Nina Bibby, O2’s Marketing and Consumer Director. "This often means that people are having both personal and professional conversations within earshot of lots of other people, so we thought we’d offer them a helping hand by suggesting some simple and easy tips for when on the phone in public."

You've no excuse now. Sort it out.

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