CONFIRMED: The iPhone at Tesco - in time for Christmas?

Holy moly. If Orange wasn't prepared to start a pricing war with O2 over the iPhone, then maybe Tesco will; we've confirmed this morning that Tesco Mobile will sell the iPhone:

Bitterwallet - Tesco sells iPhone for Christmas

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a huge surprise; while Tesco Mobile is obviously a virtual network, it actually operates through O2's network. Tesco peddling the iPhone through allows O2 some control in guarding its overall market share. This potentially low-cost option (tariffs haven't been confirmed yet) through what many perceive as a value brand, will still mean O2 generates revenues - it's better to have a hand in any demand for a cheaper option, than none at all.

Interestingly, according to the BBC's technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones, Tesco may be selling the iPhone by Christmas. Vodafone was expected to become the third provider of the iPhone, but they won't be offering it until early 2010.


  • Harry
    Do we get points too?
  • Mark C.
    Holy bumflaps
  • Rob B.
    It's half owned by O2, not a chance it'll be more than a couple of quid (if even that) cheaper. I'm not holding my breath :(
  • Masood
    I still fail to be excited. Surely everyone who wants one, has one by now and the only thing remaining to make it attractive to new customers is making it cheaper. A couple of quid here and there makes no difference, it is still absolutely extortionately priced for a phone - albeit a very good one.
  • Hoodedclaw
    the pricing is all controlled by Apple so i wouldnt hold your breath
  • Christopher
    >> Surely everyone who wants one, has one by now no :(
  • lam
    >> no :( +1
  • Alex
    I want one but to my mind on a £30+ a month contract a phone should at best be free and at worst £100, so the iPhone is still not quite there yet for me.
  • Financial S.
    Congrats guys and welcome to San Francisco!
  • matt a.
    great news hopefully it will be on the staff tarriff as well
  • Lemon
    Where do i sign up for a restrictive tariff'd, over priced, low spec'd, to be replaced in 6 months even though i've signed a 24month contract, iSkank?
  • TheDon
    Lemon you massive lemon!
  • Imamac
    Apple always offer the cheapest option, plus they always spec their phones and kit really highly, although it does look a bit ugly.... hang on, no sorry I meant the other way round.
  • Bo
    What is this iphone you speak of?? never heard of it.......
  • James
    Yeah fucking iphone. Who cares if it is stylish, slick and intuitive. Personally I hate its polished easy to use brilliance. Instead I like buying each phone that comes out called an iphone killer which actually turns out to be utter shit, but I get to bluetooth pictures of my birds tits to friends so its much better so fuck all you iphone owners.
    For further information on Tesco Mobile or to request photography please contact: Joanna Kinloch Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms 07770 435 943 [email protected] Photography? Of Joanna? Hmm may be giving that number a ring...
  • NellieIrrelevant
    And a few hours later there's a posting about the huge markup Tesco is making on the bikes in their 'sale'. Has everyone been taking stupid pills? Tesco aren't cheap. They haven't been cheap for years, since they assumed market leadership. Their marketing just makes everyone think they're cheap. When was the last time there was a genuine Tesco's bargain that wasn't end-of-line or a loss leader? Their iPhone will be priced exactly the same as everyone else's, if not more. But of course they'll claim its an amazing bargain and everyone will believe them. Come to think of it Tesco could teach Steve Jobs a thing or two about marketing.
  • Lloyd
    I work for Tesco Head Office Chesunt and I can confirm it will be priced slightly cheaper than o2 however we will include a £25 iTunes voucher and 1000 points. thankyou

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