Boyfriend Maker app vanishes after talking about having sex with screaming children

Typical boyfriend material, yesterday

Have you heard of the app called Boyfriend Maker? If not, it's a little program where you can 'create and chat with your dream boyfriend!' Much better than getting an actual boyfriend, clearly.

However, that's not to say this virtual boyfriend isn't trouble too (and there's you thinking you could stick him on vibrate and have it away with him without having to watch Fast & The Furious 5).

See, Boyfriend Maker has vanished from the App Store after it started getting darkly fruity.

The app was rated for ages of 4+, however, in chat mode, it started spewing out some rather inappropriate nonsense. It has been reported that when the app was asked 'when did you last have sex?', it answered: "last night there were 5 but only one was consciouse. They where kids and I didn’t want to here them scream."

That's the kind of chat that the BBC has nightmares about at the minute, thanks to a certain investigation.

The problem with this app seems to be the developer's use of a third-party chat engine from SimSimi which allows people to suggest responses to various questions, and SimSimi's is rated 17+ on the App Store. Even so, if you're over 17, you don't really want your phone chatting about humping KOed kids, do you?



  • Grandma N.
    I'm more shocked by the poor grammar
  • Mustapha S.
    Agree with Gran. Did you write the app, Mof?
  • Dick
    I don't mind the grammar, it's the spelling that bothers me. Does it show those words, or speak them out loud?
  • Lord F.
    If it talks about bumming foxes I'll take 3

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