BlackBerry's RIM might sell corporate jets because they're so broke

BlackberryRIM, who make BlackBerry phones, are one of the sickliest companies on the planet. For the past 12 months, they've been having a nightmare. And now, the Canadian company are looking at selling their private jets to make ends meet.

RIM owns a nine-seater Dassault F50EX, complete with leather interior, polished Swiss woodwork and gold-plated hardware. The very fact they've only just realised they could sell that and make some money says a lot. They're hoping to get $7m for it (no tyre kickers), with a 14-seater Dassault also potentially going on the market.

"We're looking at options with both our aircraft costs and finding ways to reduce our travel while still making sure we keep in close contact with our partners around the world," a company spokesperson said. "It's all part of the effort to find ways to reduce costs and drive efficiencies that [chief executive] Thorsten Heins has talked about."

All this is because RIM needs to cut $1bn (£644m) in costs and around a third of its workforce to stay in the game.

Shares are been plummeting for a while and the company is still hedging bets that the launch of the BlackBerry 10 will save their sorry arses. However, the phone keeps getting delayed and everything looks like a complete mess. The delayed release hasn't got anything to do with the phone's "quality, architecture or the functionality," Heins stated. "I will not deliver a product to market that is not ready to meet the needs of our customers."

Meanwhile, Apple and Android phones push on and take over the world. Is it time for BlackBerry to just give up?


  • Angry S.
    "Is it time for BlackBerry to just give up?" They gave up the day the first iPhone was launched and Mike Lazaunpronounceable rubbished it. R.I.P. R.I.M.
  • Me
    Chavs love blackberry!
  • Chewbacca
    What the heck is a RIM job? No idea, they're all redundant...
  • Sicknote
    The resale value is going to be between 4 and 8 million which equates to about nothing when compared to the black hole RIM is circling
  • qwertyuiop
    "Shares are been plummeting for a while" Are they been really Mof? It's a crying shame that the "ancient" art of proofreading is lost on you. Don't give up the day job, as they say!

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