BlackBerry launch clumsy looking thing

blackberry passport There's a new BlackBerry everyone! And it really is quite ugly.

The new smartphone called the Passport was launched at simultaneous do in London, Dubai and Toronto.

The phone is the shape and size of a passport, and has a large touchscreen as well as a keyboard.

The company are kinda banking on it becoming a success, seeing as the device has been hammered saleswise in recent years, and undergone a three-year restructuring.

BlackBerry said the new smartphone should be available in more than 30 countries by the end of the year, and will initially cost $599 (or £367).

Passport users will also now be able to download apps from Amazon’s app store.

It's all go for BlackBerry at the moment, with the announcement of second-quarter results on Friday, and the launch of the long-awaited BlackBerry Classic in the next few months.


  • Tony
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I think its lovely! and will be a 1st Class Business and personal phone, and with a drop dead 6 pack aka battery life !
  • fuqstix
    Tony! What the hell is Wrong with you! Why all the !!!! And CraZy Caps? And who exactly are you addressing in such a manner?
  • The S.
    I find this all truly amazing. Blackberry suffered a network failure a few years back and ever since then people have been falling over themselves to claim how crap BB is, how the company will die and how they'll "never use them again". Apple release the bendy phone and an update that stops you making calls and the "outrage" is muted to say the least. Would that be anything to do with the comparative cost of the phones? I actually like the Passport. It's different and refreshing, making a nice change from all the similar shaped iPhones, Samsungs, Sonys etc Who can tell the difference between the latter when they're in cases?

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