BitTorrent launches chat app

bleep_bittorrent BitTorrent have launched their private messaging app, Bleep, across all the major platforms. Good news for those of you who don't trust or like the existing ones.

Farid Fadaie, senior director of product development at BitTorrent, announced this news through the official BitTorrent blog. Farid confirmed that the app is now available to download on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac from

This is just the latest messenger app that is focused on privacy and security. Users of Bleep will be able to get a personalised Bleep key with the encryption keys for images stored on your device, rather than in a cloud.

That means there's no server for hackers to get stuck into.

You'll also be able to send 'whisper messages' with Bleep, which basically allows you to choose whether or not you want to keep parts of the conversation or not. With the whisper setting, all messages and pictures will disappear from devices after they've been viewed. Not unlike Snapchat in approach, but without - you'd hope - the privacy issues.

There'll also be free voice calls, which are connected directly without the need for a cloud. Fancy a bit of this? Or will you wait a bit to see if it is another flash-in-the-pan app that you'll have to move away from eventually?

What do you think?

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