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Hey – it’s been almost a few days since we had some iPhone5 rumours so let’s have a round-up of the latest stuff that no one can be completely sure about until the new iPhone is released, which may or may not be in September. It’s all based on some pictures that have emerged that could be genuine or could be ones that someone has just made up themselves. Phew! GET IN THE BUNKER!

RUMOUR ONE: The iPhone 5 will have a new-style home button. It will be ‘lozenge-shaped’. It may or may not be either a physical button or a touch-screen button.

RUMOUR TWO: The iPhone 5 will have speech capabilities, similar to KITT from Knight Rider. However it will have limited ability and will only speak to inform you that it has detected that you are doing a handstand.


RUMOUR THREE: The iPhone 5’s volume buttons will be halfway down the side of the casing, meaning that they might double up as a camera shutter button.

RUMOUR FOUR: The iPhone 5 will be able to detect if it has been stolen and will spray black acidic ink into the eyes of anyone who has illegally taken it.

RUMOUR FIVE: The iPhone 5 will see a return to the curved casing shape of the iPhone 3/3GS. The rear casing may be made from glass.


  • pusy p.
    Is Mobile Fun a bit like bum fun?
  • Phil
    RUMOR SIX: The iphone 5 steals bits of your liver while you sleep to keep Steve Jobs alive
  • Marky M.
    So basically it could be anything?
  • The B.
    Rumour Seven - it will almost definitely be identical to the iPhone 4 but with a slightly differently shaped case to distinguish it from the 3 and 4 so that you look hipper than all the other people using their old passe versions of basically the same os and same memory with a slightly slower processor but you'll still have to sell a kidney for the priviledge of having a new shiny preciousssssssssss.
  • Bill B.
    RUMOUR EIGHT: It will have an Apple logo on the back.

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