Bitterwallet's Friday poll - O2, Orange or Vodafone for your iPhone needs?

We hear you - we should be covering more iPhone news. There are only so many hours in the day, but we'll give it a shot. While we blow our wages on our 12th consecutive battery life app, you get to decide the best course of action for fresh faced iphone buyers new to the wonderful world of dropped calls and a battery life that'll see you through a text message if you're lucky.

In the blue corner - O2. Everyone seems to rate their customer services, their bundles allow for MMS messaging and texts sent from abroad, they haven't got shirty about data allowances but then their 3G coverage both sucks and blows. In the orange corner... Orange. They managed to somehow screw up what should have been the easiest product announcement in the world. Their tariffs don't distinguish them from O2, they'll charge for MMS message and roaming SMS on top of any tariff and nobody has a kind word to say about their customer services. On the plus side, Orange boasts better 3G coverage and they're offering tethering charges which aren't entirely unreasonable.

Finally, there's the opponent that won't enter the ring until January - Vodafone. They're talking of some big surprises and exciting tariffs for their iPhone offers, but so did Orange and look what happened there. And so to Friday's poll - how would you advise a new iPhone customer to buy? What do you mean, there's no fourth option suggesting an Android handset? Be quiet.


  • Christoph
    Anyone reckon there's any chance of o2 stepping up their 3G coverage anytime soon? It's so annoying having an iPhone with shite coverage, makes apps like TomTom useless :x
  • No m.
    Christoph - it may be poo, but it's better than Vodafone, T-Mobile AND Orange put together. I've been with all 4 over the past couple of years, and O2 is the only one that allows me to sit in my living room and make phone calls. The other 3 required that I go upstairs and stand in the corner of my bedroom, facing the wall, like in the blair witch project. Anyway. What's wrong with TomTom on 3G? It doesn't need it. It uses GPS and the maps are preloaded. Maybe it's the eyeFoan that makes it useless.
  • Gary
    "In the orange corner… Orange. They managed to somehow screw up what should have been the easiest product announcement in the world. Their tariffs don’t distinguish them from Orange." You mean o2 at the end?
  • Matt B.
    I never thought I would say it but I think o2 are the best of a bad bunch. I was looking forward to upgrading and getting a better phone but now I'm not sure there's a better phone to upgrade to.
  • me
    Orange are awful. I mean I know you cant get delivery reports on the iphone without using some code within the text but they charge 1p for them!! Then theres mms not included (even t-mob used to give me this) and im sure much more extras they charge for. At least with o2 everything seems to be included, the sim only deal coupled with a cheap iphone from somewhere probably cant be beaten, I get mms, video calling, etc etc. Having said that, I remember Voda being very good if you were paying £35-40 a month a few years ago so assume they will be generous to iphone customers.
  • the p.
    o2 are joining forces with vf shortly anyway so the 3g coverage should be greatly improved
  • kyalion
    See how users in West Sussex are polling - why the fuck would I want to ? I did, and there's only 2 fuckers there anyway, and I'll bet they're nearly dead, residing in God's waiting room.
  • Christoph
    Well, when I use TomTom it always says "Poor GPS reception". The reviews on the appstore point the finger at poor 3G connection. Bah, I dont know!
  • rob
    I do hope that vodafone come out with something special, unlike the pathetic effort of orange. Now all we need is Three to join in, seeing as T-Mobile are going to offer the Iphone as well......
  • maxtweenie
    Not another fucking Iphone post. They should all be screwed to the floor by their bollocks for selling the most over hyped piece of shit in the history of telecommunications.
  • maxtweenie
    @ rob. Both T-Mobile and 3 are already offering the Halfwit-phone to existing customers as an upgrade. Apparently, they've done some kind of 3rd party deal that allows them to buy handsets under the counter. I hope Apple sue the lot of them.
  • Gooch_Master
    I used to be an o2 fanboy, then I went to T-Mobile as thay had the phone I wanted at the time, now up until a week ago I had the worst reception imagineable with T-Mobile. I was nearly tearing my hair out as the signal at home was so unstable I could hold the phone stationary in one point and watch the signal go up and then drop off. However, last week they must have done some kind of upgrade or slapped a new mast somewhere (hopefully in some natural beauty spot) and now my signal is good. I want the iPhone to go to T-Mobile as they always have excellent tariff deals. The iMoan is a complete rip off at the moment and anyone who pays for the shitty contract from ohno2 are mugs. Even more retarded are people who have signed up for iGroan since the news came out about it going to different providers. Viva la T-Mobile.
  • Amzmalhotra
    T-Mobile have the iphone, you just have to blag it from the customer services by threatening to leave. Google it! Also apparently the ones t-mobile are giving out are imported sim-free versions and are fully unlocked!
  • iPhone e.
    Get a HTD HD2 on O2. They're out in a couple of weeks and ROCK. It literally blows it's load over iPhone. Yes. There's an app for that.
  • iPhone e.
    That should be HTC HD2
  • maxtweenie
    Is it true you can now get an Iwank app where the phone moves backwards and forwards in your front pocket. That way you can keep both your hands free to surf the net and read what a crap phone it really is. Tossers.
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    @Luke's Mum... lol @ eyeFoan
  • dunfyboy
    Can't even connect to another phone using bluetooth. The iphone will be nice when its finished.
  • veedubjai
    @ Christoph | November 6th, 2009 at 11:37 am Pan-European network share for Vodafone and O2. Network sharing: O2 and Vodafone see immediate benefits.
    Why would I give a shit what people are York thinking?!
  • paul
    the IHPONE is available on tmobile now
  • paul
    the IPHONE is available on tmobile now
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I already own an iPhone, but i like to read articles featuring people who can't afford one :-)
  • Kim
    I have just ordered an iPhone with Orange. I would have gone with O2 if the signal was better but I have been with them before and I couldn't even get signal in my house. I hate Vodaphone, their customer service is appalling and I would never go back to them plus they are not going to offer anything special when it comes to iPhone pricing - all the networks seem to be sticking to the same pricing. T-Mobile is ok but seeing as they are merging with Orange, might as well go with Orange now.

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