UPDATE: Bitterwallet readers force Orange to scrap new call charges

UPDATE 1006: We've just spoken to Orange's press office - there's a full release due to be sent to us in the next few minutes, but in the meantime we can confirm that in cases where Orange have already agreed to a cancellation, these will still stand. Anybody who has requested a PAC code will be informed that the changes will not be going ahead, but will still be free to cancel.

Orange have apologised for "any frustration and confusion" that customers have experienced, and we've also been told Orange are carrying out a full review of customer service procedures to ensure future customers aren't treated in the questionable manner reported by dozens of Bitterwallet readers.

In the past three weeks, Bitterwallet has received thousands of comments and emails concerning Orange's attempts to increase their charges on out-of-bundle minutes. You called their customer service reps in your droves, and amongst it all suffered inconsistencies and bare-faced lies from many of their operators.

And while we're delighted to hear that our posts picking apart their own Terms of Service have secured new readers amongst Orange's senior management and at Ofcom, it's been staggering to see how many of you refused to accept changes made to your contract without permission, and fought for your right to cancel.

It's your actions that last night forced Orange management into a meeting where they agreed to abandon the proposed increases. The Executive Office has confirmed that "a business decision was made" and that "further to feedback from several customers, Orange has decided not to go ahead with the proposed changes - Orange appreciates these changes were not communicated as well as they could have been."

Orange aren't admitting the charges were unfair, which is what the feedback surely reflected, but that their introduction was poorly communicated - regardless, consumer power has brought about some positive change. We're now attempting to clarify Orange's position concerning contracts they've already agreed to cancel - their press office have failed to provide any statements to us in the past week, but this is important stuff so we'll try and get some answers. In the meantime if you have any information, let us know at [email protected]

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  • Get T.
    The problem with this is that most people were probably quite happy to have their contracts cancelled. I don't think that the majority of people actually cared about increased call charges as to be fair most people wouldn't be affected! Myself and most likely a large number of other people are currently waiting 30 days for the contract to be cancelled, I have received written confirmation that the contract will be cancelled however I fear that this outcome may have a negative detriment on this outcome.
  • Mark B.
    Well this is good news in a way:- The consumer appears to have beaten the bigger enemy. Bad news is that it looks like those people who were refused their request to cancel their contract (myself included) are now stuck with a mobile operator who clearly has no interest in its customers. Roll on 7 months when i can leave Orange and tell them exactly what i think of them.
  • deejayone
    Well done BitterWallet. Overall though, this has highlighted the shockingly bad business practices, communication and customer treatment that Orange are now renowned for - even those who didn't manage to cancel their contracts will surely not stay beyond their current deals considering the way Orange have handled all this? As a question - as this new development hasn't officially been communicated to consumers who have received 'the text', are they still within their right to cancel? Surely until something official is communicated again, the text still stands? Afterall, Orange were so insistant that people couldn't cancel until they had received 'the text', perhaps consumers can now turn the tables and say they haven't been notified of the new new changes and therefore they are still wishing to cancel until they receive 'the new text'? But in any case - a great show of consumer power from Bitter Wallet and it's readers.
  • Scott
    Brilliant! Power to the people. For those who did manage to get their contract canceled, is that still valid? Or will it be re-initiated.
  • Scott
    Okay, so I just re-read the article. Anxiety level through the roof this morning now lol!
    [...] UPDATE: Now confirmed by Orange. Read it here. [...]
  • MrRobin
    Congratulations. A victory for the consumer over their 'we can do whatever we want because we're bigger than you' corporate bullies
  • greg
    Not really. It works both ways. I dont back the 'big dogs' in this BUT... by the contract clause that people were using before receiving the text (that orange can communicate in an official capacity by a number of means, including over the phone) by telling you over the phone the change in charges is no longer happening, they arent actually changing your prices, so not changing your contract meaning there is nothing to give you any grounds to cancel. However, great news that 'people power' works.... My question.... I got my other halfs cancelled... she went straight back with orange. Will new customers who I assume have signed a contract with the new charges still be effected by the change?
  • Martha F.
  • Lisa
    I managed to cancel on Monday morning and my last day of contract will be 8th sep when I get my last bill. I have already went and got another contract so I really hope that the cancellation still stands!!!
  • Ken
    Had my contract cancelled yesterday, but recieved text message this morning indicating I would no longer be disconnected as T&Cs are now not changing.
  • Ty
    That is outrageous Ken! However according to that article above, you should still be free to cancel as it clearly states 'Anybody who has requested a PAC code will be informed that the changes will not be going ahead, but will still be free to cancel.'
  • Cancelling B.
    [...] the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Existing cancellations will stand. Read full update and official statement here.All day, we’ve been receiving emails and reading comments concerning your attempts to cancel [...]
  • Lewiso
    UPDATE 1006: We’ve just spoken to Orange’s press office - there’s a full release due to be sent to us in the next few minutes, but in the meantime we can confirm that in cases where Orange have already agreed to a cancellation, these will still stand. Anybody who has requested a PAC code will be informed that the changes will not be going ahead, but will still be free to cancel. FEW Thanks bitterwallet
  • Cancel B.
    [...] Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. As promised, an update on our requests for statements from both Orange and Ofcom. So far, the [...]
  • Cancel B.
    [...] UPDATE: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. [...]
  • Orange B.
    [...] UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. [...]
  • Cancel B.
    [...] UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. [...]
  • Cancelling B.
    [...] UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. [...]
  • Thousands B.
    [...] UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here. [...]
  • Ex-Orange C.
    Well that sucks for those who want to cancel but can't. Thankfully i phoned and canceled a week and a bit ago and managed to cancel within 3 minutes of dialing 150, I Already sold my phone, destroyed my SIM etc etc and i should be getting confirmation/my last bill on the 15th, so i'll guess i'll see if they are true to their word and have properly canceled the contract. I'm not too worried, I've already got a new contract phone from O2 and if Orange decide to restart the contract without my permission i'll make sure they drop me one way or another. While canceling my contract was easy, the other problems I've had in the past were not so well handled.
  • Ex-Orange C.
    Orange have apologised for “any frustration and confusion”# Shame it took customers canceling (As in, Orange loosing customer base and money) for them to carry out a customer service review... I can guarantee that the executives at Orange wish they never decided to change the T&C's. Gave customers the right to quit in droves and they now have Ofcom breathing down their necks, as well as enforcing their bad customer service.
    [...] Its true that Orange have now done a Uturn on the price increases. Anyone who has or is going to receive their PAC code in the post will still be allowed to cancel. Please see the link below. UPDATE: Bitterwallet readers force Orange to scrap new call charges | BitterWallet [...]
  • dp
    LOLOL Well they just failed EPICly, eh? Lost themselves a huge chunk of cash to cancellations, pissed loads of people off (including those who now can't cancel as they wouldn't let them before for no good reason) and didn't gain anything!! What a shambles.
  • ema
    rang yesterday and the lady told me i would be diconnected on 10th sept, which would then be too late to actually cancel, so rang this morning and got told they are no longer changing their out of bundle prices, so people can not get out of their contract, with no disconnection charge!.. but luckily because i had a put in a disconnection request. they cut it off straight away.
  • The B.
    "Anybody who has requested a PAC code will be informed that the changes will not be going ahead, but will still be free to cancel. " Presumably this includes all the people who phoned and were repeatedly told to "feck off".
  • Anonymous
    I've just been into an orange retail store in Manchester, and they have received a FAQ sheet from Retail Ops stating the T&C's change has been cancelled. All cancellations currently processed will be honoured. I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the FAQ sheet and will publish as and when
  • SRH
    I was entitled to cancel when I rang a week ago but was told that because I'd signed up with them on the 8/7/09 that I'd agreed to the new charges as it applied to all new contracts signed from June 09. It turns out this wasn't the case and I was lied to. The terms and conditions linked to my account clearly show the price increase on page 15, http://www1.orange.co.uk/service_plans/downloads/PAYM_PriceGuidev29%28July09%29.pdf I am furious that I should have been allowed to cancel but my rights were illegally ignored. I wonder if I still have the right to cancel as I was entitled to a week ago but wasn't allowed to do so. I recorded the call so have proof of what I was told. Orange no doubt broke the law hundreds or even thousands of times over the last few weeks telling lies to customers. I wonder how this would stand in court. Orange are lying scum. I really wish I'd stayed with T-Mobile now. Orange will not have my custom once my contract runs out in 23 months.l
  • watever
    SRH you cant cancel now because nothing has changed or will change you just got lied to thats all that happened to you.
  • Anon
    I cancelled last thursday but im still waiting for my pac code, i can still make calls though :$
  • Silly P.
    PAC code??? PAC code??????? Do you people know what you are saying???? PAC stands for Port Authorisation Code. Therefore, you're all a bunch of mewling pricks that are actually saying "Port Authorisation Code code". Numpties - every last one of you.
  • SRH
    watever - Saying I "just got lied to" is my entire point! They lied, they broke the law under the communications act 2003 ffs! They denied me of my consumer rights, my right to cancel and fed me bs which I stupidly fell for. It's a big deal!
  • John
    I'm a bit lost as to the statement that "Bitterwallet readers force Orange to scrap new call charges". Where in any of the Orange statements do they mention Bitterwallet? Not knocking the wonderful coverage of these crazy events by the aforementioned website, but that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration.
  • watever
    Just saying SRH if i was you i wouldnt waste no time with it now, very likely going to hit a brick wall.
  • Paul S.
    John, as far as I'm aware there are only two websites that have generated comments and pageviews in the thousands concerning this story - ourselves and MSE. Other forums have had a fraction of the traffic, and only one or two industry sites bothered to highlight the story at all. As far as I can see, MSE didn't take the fight to the door of Orange, or Ofcom for that matter - there are no stories in MSE's news section covering the past three weeks. That's not a criticism of MSE - they chose to leave the story to the forums whereas we've been active on the behalf of readers since the very beginning. We're also aware from Orange themselves that management have been reading our coverage since it began, as well the comments left by readers, and that this played a significant role in Orange's decision. Since we normally dick about publishing photos of Tesco yellow labels, it's good to have led the fight for the consumer, and won. P
  • John
    @Paul What a complete and utter load of nah - just kidding mate. Fair point, and well made.
  • SRH
    They haven't changed the T&C's online yet http://www1.orange.co.uk/service_plans/downloads/PAYM_PriceGuidev29(July09).pdf See page 15
  • John
    @SRH The most recent announcement is the one that counts. Just because they haven't deleted a pdf file off their web server, or mention it somewhere on their website, it doesn't mean that it still stands.
  • Dai
    Well done to Bitterwallet - a great piece of journalism and you have several new regular readers. Also LOL EPIC FAIL for Orange.
  • Jordan
    Right basically, I sent an Email two days ago (10th August) asking to cancel.. They haven't replied, iv asked for a PAC code and for it too be terminated but they havent been in touch since the Email... Surely because I emailed them asking them to cancel and send a PAC code before today they should honour it? Although they haven't replied to my Email yet... So do people think they will let me cancel?
  • SRH
    @ John. The recent announcement is not on the Orange website, only here, so it;s not official in a lot of peoples opinion, just have a look at MSE. I agree, not on the Orange site = not official.
  • Lisa B.
    @ SRH. It is definitely official. I write for the Guardian website and the Observer and have been talking to Orange about this since Monday. They called this morning and confirmed that they have dropped the price changes.
  • Pingu
    @ Lisa Bachelor I'd look at Page 91 on the MSE site as despite Orange claiming they will review how they communicate with their customers, their customer services representative has left a rather ambiguous message "Hi all, I work for Orange, and just wanted to clarify a few points: - due to customer feedback, we will not be going ahead with the proposed pricing changes. - anyone who has already requested their PAC code will still get it. - we will be reviewing all policies and procedures for price changes to make sure that they are clearer in future. So apologies from Orange for any frustration and confusion caused, this was never our intention. Conor" as I would argue the second point is still open. There are a lot of us who have requested our PAC codes but I doubt we will be 'getting them' I have raised this point with the Orange chairmans office and CC'd the Guardian money page on the email aswell earlier today. Thanks
  • SRH 1.
  • doh
    Does this mean now that i took a new Orange phone out after the t&c's changed I can disconnect as they have changed again as they arent what agreed to even though they are cheaper lol. they are breaking my contract again.....
  • ema
    im freeee of orange! I WILL NEVER EVER go with orange again in my life! well done bitterwallet people!
  • daniel
    Hi all i got orange to agree to cancel my contract on sunday and have recieved my pac code through the post today!! well done everyone that pushed this!
  • PM
    Now on the Guardian site... http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/aug/12/orange-call-charges-u-turn
  • Lewis R.
    I've received an official email from Orange Customer Services at 8:55am. It's important to note that it doesn't say they are abandoning the changes completely, just "for now". http://www.lewisroberts.com/2009/08/12/orange-cancel-their-terms-change-plans-people-power/ Well done everyone though, I'm glad we, the bloggers and "rights activists" were able to make a large corporate see sense. I'm sure Orange realise that the damage has been done for a lot of their customers, now let's hope that they do something to compensate those customers that were treated like second rate citizens when they called. Congrats everyone! -Lewis
  • s8ndr
    well i cancelled on monday and was given a 30 day date of disconnection ,i didnt requie a pac code. so tonight i contacted them and said i wanted to disconnect immediately, as my son was disconneced the same day. 2 advisors refused and even suggested that i was lucky to cancel in the first place,and that 30 day notice was required and stated in their t&C . so i retaliated by asking to speak to a manager as i was being treated differently to another orange customer and was being dicriminated against. the 2nd advisor told me that whoever disconnected my son on the same day obviosly needed retraining as 30 notice was compulsary ! i was totally gobsmacked when she replied ,"im not prepared to let you speak to my manager as i have answered your query!! i took her name and extension number and informed her i would take it further.i rang straight back,explained what i had been told ,and said how rude her collegue had been,she put me on hold for 1 minute then came back and said i can be disconnected today,without any charges ,my last billing date is 22nd aug ,dont be fobbed off with the 30 day notice if you havent requested a pac,they are just after another months rental. goodbye orange and good ridance,worst customer servces i have ever had to deal with NEVER AGAIN
  • Jonny
    Hello All. I have my PAC code at home right now, having rang to cancel with orange about two weeks ago. If i were to use the PAC code now, would i still be eligible to cancel for free?
  • Orange A.
    [...] the questionable manner reported by dozens of Bitterwallet readers. " Read the full article here - all of which has since been confirmed by Orange themselves. Cheers. __________________ [...]
  • SRH
    @ SRH is 12. I'm not trying to, just stating what happened to me. Not my fault you can't understand. Lol at your childish username, grow up!
  • Sam
    going on what Orange are claiming, yes you should be canceled as soon as you use your PAC code
  • Steve
    If you requested to cancle, but requested no PAC Code (And were given a disconection date of 9th sept .. so a while away). does it stand? Ive ordered a landline instal instead now :( be shitty if this bites me in the ass and i end up paying for 2 services when i only want/need 1...
  • Sam
    been reading lots of stories on MSE where people who wer allowed to disconect and asked for PAC to be sent are now phoning up to ask where it is and Orange are denying all knowledge or telling them they are no longer entitled to cancel. Bitterwlalet, think you may need to step in here again, what the hell are Orange playing at now!!!!!
  • Billy
    @ Sam... i experienced exactly this, i rang on August 5th and was told my contract was canceled and my pac code would be with me in 5 days, i called back on tuesday to chase the pac code up as i had taken out a new contract and they denied all knowledge of me calling. The call was in my call register so i went to an orange store and rang customer service whilst there and let the advisor in the store tell customer service that she had seen the evidence of my call on the 5th. The customer service manager i was put through too then said there is no proof i called to cancel and the call could have been for anything. i am now stuck with two contracts! not so great. one things for certain, orange will never get my custom again after this! Bitterwallet if you can help that would be great haha
  • LO
    Sam, I believe you are allow to cancel any new contract within 14 days. But because it's within 14days of starting a new contract you willl new to return the handset.
  • Sammy
    I have cancelled and received my PAC code on the 6th August i have already used this on a new contract and just wanted to check that i wouldn't get a massive bill when my contract ends?
  • criss
    Hi, Just wanted to say that as opposed to everyone else, I think Orange have been pretty decent in all this, here's my story. I took out a £35 a month contract in Dec, got a crappy samsung phone and a brand new PS3 with it. Called Orange to cancel last week, done it on the first attempt. Got a letter from Orange on Saturday asking me not to leave cos they got really great deals etc.... Phoned them up today, got a new contract from when my canceled one ends, beginning of Sept, only £15 a month, same amount of minutes and texts I was on before, plus a brand new Nokia 6303, plus a mobile internet dongle, plus I keep the PS3!! Plus I keep my number! Plus I keep the crappy Samsung! Result, thanks Bitterwallet. After years of being done over by the corps I feel I've won a small victory! Plus PS3 rocks!!!!!!!
  • Grunthos
    Cancelled my contract on the 28th - seemed to be no problem. Guy said there was 30 days on it and I got my PAC a couple of days later. However, I now have my final bill for over £200 - a porting out fee apparently. I will be ringing them first thing tomorrow but wondered if anyone else has had one of these?
  • Grunthos
    OK - panic over - just talked to a very helpful CSR in billing who went off and talked to her supervisor about my bill and got it wiped. Not sure why it was sent in the first place but am somewhat relieved as I'm expecting delivery of my new Nokia 5800 from Virgin this morning! So, if you get a final bill that tries to charge you for porting, ring up billing and ask them to look into it - tell them you cancelled because of the t&c changes and weren't expeting to pay for the rest of the contract. Phew!
  • wayne
    can we still cancel even though the changes have been withdrawn, we have not received a message to say the changes have been scrapped. we only started our contracts in march.
  • Chris
    I am distraught at this news. I was desperate to cancel my contract having had my phone damaged but not being under warranty for its damage. Because I was one of the few people not to have recieved the text by the 12th I am now stuck with a very old phone for over 12 months. My phone call to Orange was terrible, the customer services man simply repeated the same phrases whilst I attempted to explain that I still was allowed to leave. Its very difficult for me because even my girlfriend got the text but she was happy to continue! It seems everyone had the option to leave their contract for nothing but me and i was the one who needed it!!!!! Gah, any ideas? I think using my holiday insurance after dropping it in a lake by accident might well be my best bet! Chris
  • John
    @wayne - no. @Chris Sounds like a good idea mate. I've heard that some lakes just jump right up and grab mobiles out of people's hands! lol
  • Sammc
    I got the text saying about the changes to the price plans and started looking round like everyone else phoned orange to cancle my contract so i could get one that suited my usage. Orange are denying that they said i could cancle the contract what can i do now im kinda stuffed because i have no proof my end they said i could cancle. ??
  • Joanne
    I'd called last week and was refused a cancellation on a couple of occasions. So I sent a letter to orange and a copy of the letter via email. I have received a reply to my email notifying me that the price rise will no longer go ahead. All very clear untill I received a text today from Orange: "Hi from Orange. Sorryyou're leaving us due to our price changes from Sept, We're no longer making these changes & would love you to stay. Call 150 and select option 1, then option 4 to talk to us." Whats going on? I called Orange and according to them this text was sent in error, and has been sent out to all that have requested to cancel, have I just been fobbed off? Has anyone else received the same text today?
  • Rachel N.
    I had called to cancel my contract on Saturday morning and request a PAC. Orange told me that I shuld be recieving it withing 2 days. Thursday morning I called again to confirm as i still didn't recieve anything from them. Orange said it's been in the post and they also confirm the address with me. This morning I called again as I was getting myself a sim only with Vodafone and i needed a PAC code at that time. JAMES ext 27185 from Orange answered and he told me that there's nothing on the system saying that I have requested the PAC nor cancelling my contract. I explained that Orange confirmed with me twice that my contract has been cancelled and the PAC was on its way in the post. I can't wait until my contract with Orange ends. Apart from their bad attitude and rude oparators, the reception is not the best either. JAMES said sarcasticly ' Our terms and conditions have been changed back to the same one now. You can still cancel and get the PAC if you want to but you have to pay £260. Do you want to pay? I will cancel it for you right now if you want to pay? I felt like being slapped in the face!!!!!!! I argued with him for a good 10 minutes. I just couldn't believe I was treated like that. He was rude, and has got a real bad attitude. I wouldn't have had any problem to carry on using if the charges have changed to the same terms and conditions but the way JAMES responded was unacceptable. If this is an Orange tactic to keep their customers, i think it is very pathetic. If Orange can not be honest with their customers then VODAFONE, O2, T-MOBILE, VIRIN and THREE are pretty much likely to have less competitor. I guess he was lying about his name and the extension no. too!!
  • adam
    Rachel dont give up just tell them you have a recording of the phone call and tell them to look into it further or else you will take it further. Then ask for a manager take the name explain what happened. trust if one person is not any help u simply abuse them a little, laugh at them, hang up n dial again but be kind to the next person. Its pot luck what kinda of person you get so keep trying do not give up.
  • Clarkey
    Is there any chance of being able to break my contract now. My sister works for CarphoneWarehous and she mentioned this loophole to me and said i had till September to cancel my contract. So just wondering if the loophole IS closed or is there still a way?
  • paul, b.
    I too want to know if i can still cancel. My orange bill is about £300 a month and I have been affected by call charges outwith of my contracted minutes in the last 3 months. i got a text message informing me of the changes a couple of weeks ago.
  • Billy
    @ rachel i had the exact same issue, and i went straight to ofcom who emailed orange! within 24hrs i had a call from the executive complaints department, had to send over my new o2 contract i had taken out as proof i had taken a new contract out under the premise that my orange one had been cancelled and then she rang back saying my pack would be with me! 2 hours later i received it in a text! RING OFCOM 02079813000
  • Cancelling W.
    [...] of the u-turn are here, along with an official statement from Orange, and here are some of the posts in the run-up to the [...]
  • Steve
    Hi guys, was infomred about this a couple of weeks ago and thought I would wait to receive the text informing me of the changes before I called to cancel, I now see Orange are allegedly scrapping the changes, so can anyone confirm whether we can still cancel without charges now Orange have scrapped the proposed changes to their ToS? Thanks
  • scooby d.
    steve no changes are being made therefore no breach in contract hence no right to cancel im afraid, might be best of trying voda seeing they are going ahead with the same price hike although they are not alloing cmers to follow their consumer rights to cancel their contracts
  • oli b.
    I was told on the 10th august i will receive me pac code in 5 days so i ordered a new contract that night and soon after i went on holiday, have returned today have got my new phone rang orange up and they have no record of me requesting a pac code, only a record of me been told i do not reach the criteria so now they have told me i cannot do anything, only pay for both contracts, surely there must be somthing i can do
  • Billy
    @ oli b b see my post a few above your @ rachel, i had similar issues that are resolved now!!!
  • Danie
    Myself and my partner called orange on two occaisions and the first was in a carphone warehouse store where a member of staff also spoke to the representative. But the woman on the phone was insistant that we did not qualify as we didnt go over our quota of minutes etc on daily basis. The second time we called they told us that they decided not to change the T and Cs and that we couldnt cancel. Didnt get any advice or apology or nothing. We have received no notification of this apart from getting told over the phone. will we still have a right to cancel?
  • Rachel N.
    @Adam, Billy Thank you so so much for your advises. I called OFCOM after reading your comments. The OFCOM adviser was really nice and told me everything I needed. I called back Orange the same day and told them that I spoke to OFCOM. The guy from Orange was not too bad since I told him about OFCOM. I recieved my PAC today!!!!! RESULT!!!! Thank you again!
  • Billy
    @ rachel (duddy) your move than welcome! i was really worried when i found myself in your position! it was not good thinking i now had two contracts too deal with. i was also very annoyed with the way orange had handled everything, especially claiming i hadnt called at all! im glad it all worked out for you!!
  • Rachel N.
    @Billy I must admit I actually did give up. I was so angry and annoyed but didn't know what to do until seeing this site. I really was ok to stay with Orange as their T&C hasn't changed but when treated like that.......I 'm saying goodbye to Orange. I hope it all works well for you Billy! Thank you again :)
  • paul
    hello i have just got back from holiday and was wondering if people are still getting their contracts cancelled? i have had problems with orange from day two of the contract, and am sick of having to stand in windows and outside to use the phone please let me know. [email protected]
  • Tudor
    Hi! Thanks for using my photo to illustrate this post. However, please note that the image has been released under an attribution license. This requires you to attribute and link back to the original source somewhere in the proximity of the image. Please insert link as required or remove. Thanks :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/tudor/255272612/
  • Andy D.
    Ooops, sorry Tudor! Rectified now.
  • Cancel B.
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  • Bitterwallet’s B.
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  • Breaking B.
    [...] have clearly lost a ton of money following the recent contract-changing/mass cancellation debacle and seem keen to recoup some of their losses by any means necessary, namely this nasty little [...]
  • Christmas B.
    [...] contracts without offering the right to cancel-without-penalty. That was done and dusted back in August, wasn’t it? Apparently not, according to Bitterwallet reader Robert: My daughter cancelled [...]
  • Jules
    Just spoken to Orange about cancelling a contract with a view to open another. Was told there was a £165 charge for this and as I pressed home the point that the TaCs had changed and that I was entitled to cancel, the call was cut off.
  • Jules
    I also seem to have been denied access to my online account
  • Mike H.
    The future's shite, the future's Orange.
  • Chris
    Recently found out Orange were charging me "Talk with Blackberry" for my old contract phone on my new contract, despite them knowing they sold me the HTC Desire S on the new contract. Don't think I'll be complaining to them about it after reading this... I'll just cancel my contract. They're not likely to refund it or be nice about it on the phonecall, so why stay with them?

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