Bitterwallet. On an iPad. Taken with an iPhone.

No point whatsoever. Just because we can. You love it.

Bitterwallet - Bitterwallet on the iPad


  • Alan
    Is that the one for the competition winner? aka me
  • Paul S.
    No, it's not. It's a volcano-delayed import. And it's mine. All mine.
  • Alan
    any good?
  • Apple H.
    Congrats, surprised it didn't get nicked in transit like a lot of others. Hey, there's Apple-scented story for your next article! Best news of the past week was iPhone running Android, and the fact that at least 70,000 iPhone users rushed to install it!!! Cheers Apple Hateboy
  • Paul S.
    Alan - difficult to comment without appearing like a fanboy. Only had my hands on it an hour, but what I would say is that the user experience isn't anywhere close to how you imagine.
  • Biffy
    Is that in a good or a bad way? Are you going to jailbreak it like a 1337 [email protected]?
  • MrRobin
    Good job Bitterwallet doesn't use any flash... "the user experience isn’t anywhere close to how you imagine" Please elaborate?
  • Keith M.
    I bought the wifi iPad on launch day, kept it for a couple weeks, loved it, sold it at cost on Craigslist, and am planning to wait in line again on Friday for the 3G iPad. ;)
  • MrRobin
    I think you should retake the photo with this thread and then reupload. Then retake and reupload again so you get an infinite picture type thing. it would add to the pointlessness of this article ;)
  • M4RKM
    Paul, you are a geek...
  • Richard
    M4RKM... Lol that's funny, I was just looking through your new York holiday guides on MSE :-)
  • Paul S.
    MrRobin - I was trying to figure out how to do that but my head hurt :) To elaborate - for starters, it's not that heavy - I've already let the kids lose with it and there's not an issue. The first big difference for me was the space - whatever smartphone you use, I don't think you realise how little your fingers move - your coordination is very tight. The first time I used a Touch, zooming and pinching with two fingers was like voodoo. This is the same sensation, all over again. The screen is far more responsive, very slick and smooth, very precise, but your hands dance all over it. And not wanting to sound like Jobs, but it's bloody great having full pages of the web in front of you. The keyboard with two hands isn't an issue. It's bizarre. It's not what the cool kids want to hear, but it's amazing. And if this is the thing that kickstarts the the future, brilliant. Not sure it's an Apple thing - if other manufacturers can build something as good, brilliant. Apple's interface is a winner as always, but I think it's the form that'll really win you over.
  • Nobby
    So you're fed up with holding it already and have had to put it down. Shame it doesn't stand up.
  • Ian H.
    This thread is a blatant troll for all the anti Apple fangirls.
  • Roy W.
    @Nobby It doesn't weigh that much you lazy fat cunt.
  • M4RKM
    @Richard I have no idea what you mean... :D
  • Martino
    @Roy Whiting Proof once again that the Digital Economy Bill should include preventing foul-mouthed children such as yourself near anything which can be broadcasted on. Instead, you should be faced with an IQ test before allowed near a computer. You could go one step farther and put child safety caps on all alcoholic beverages which would effectively make you teetotal.
  • Roy W.
    I'm an alcoholic THERE I SAID IT.
  • wonky h.
    I bum foxes
  • Fritzel
    WTF IS DIS REAL? haha
  • Martino P.
  • Amanda H.
    It's Brilliant, amazing, fast, brilliant, quick, brilliant, brilliant, amazing, cool, fast, quick, brilliant.
  • Amanda H.
  • Martino
    I apologise for my outburst, the fact of the matter is that I have the iq of a small, partially retarded amphibian and therefore would only be caught in my own trap. I am also a cunt. Carry on...
  • dunfyboy
    Looks kinda fuzzy. Oh, picture taken with an iphone.
  • Ray P.
    I had the iPad first
  • me
    What's an ipad? when did this come out?
  • Fatal E.
    Newsflash - No one gives a shit that you have more money than sense.
  • Yogi N.
    WTF Is Dis Real?

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