Bigger screens and new hardware for new iPhones?

apple Apple are looking at making screens larger, according to reports, on the new iPhones and iPads.

The iPhone 5 has a four inch display and the newest iPad has a screen that measures 9.7 inches, and looking to go larger. Looks like Apple are entering the realm of the 'phablet'. With sales looking to grow to 60.4m by the end of 2013, it isn't surprising.

And it looks like Apple's latest iPhone will be out around September. Apart from larger screens (and presumably, it'll be thinner and lighter), what else will they have in store?

Well, there'll be the newest version of the the iOS software - iOS 7. App icons have been redesigned and the operating system will have a new look and feel.

There'll also be Spotify rival, iTunes Radio, which will come built into the Music app, and there'll be a new Control Center menu for mucking around with your settings. It's likely that these new devices will be 4G ready too.

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