Bier us in mind, Lufthansa tells forgetful iPhone 4G developer

22 April 2010

A man walks into a pub - it's a bierkeller selling fine German Hefeweizen and the like. After a few ales the man heads for home, only he forgets his mobile and leaves it behind, like so many of us do after a pint or four. Except his mobile is prototype iPhone 4G. His name is Gray Powell, the poor sod who'll never be trusted with even a landline by Steve Jobs in the future.

Sensing an opportunity for a cheap-as-chips viral marketing campaign, German airline Lufthansa have sent Powell an open letter with a special invitation:

Bitterwallet -letter from Lufthansa to Gray Powell, Apple


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  • greg
    this is win for everybody, i like it
  • Scope I.
  • anom
  • How S.
    [...] on a bar stool? Well Lufthansa are trying to cheer up the man who is probably having a bad week! Bier us in mind, Lufthansa tells forgetful iPhone 4G developer | BitterWallet __________________ 2010 Cruises: MSC Magnifica(Feb), Celebrity Eclipse (Apr x2), Independence [...]
  • Gordon B.
    Why does she put a line break after (almost) every full stop?
  • PaulH
    Dam sausage munching bosh!
  • A C.
    Call me a cynic but I think this Iphone left in a German beer bar thing is a load of shite.Certainly made the news though.
  • cookie
    So how can I do something retarded and get a free Business class trip out of it?
  • dunfyboy
    I think it's just propaganda by apple trying to distract us from how shit the ipad is.

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