Beware the JustEat scam!

Are you a customer of JustEat? Well, there's a scam doing the rounds, masquerading as the food shovelling app. Some customers have been sent a dodgy text claiming to come from the company.

It offers recipients a cash incentive to complete a survey, which directs you to a fake JustEat page, which asks you to provide your card details. Obviously, you shouldn't give them that info.

The company say that they "would never send an email or text message to customers asking for personal and financial details. We urge recipients of this text message not to enter their account or personal details on the login page provided and to delete the message immediately."

It looks like this


Here's what the fake login page and survey pages look like:



If you have received this text, let JustEat now at [email protected]. If you have responded to this scam message, then you need to get in touch with your bank, immediately.

Stay vigilant, pizza lovers.

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