Beware 'new versions' of popular iPhone games on Android

3 February 2011

Some developers love the Android Market platform because it's wide-open and they can build anything they like for it. Plenty more shun it for the same reason - with no safeguards or vetting in place, it's easy to sell sub-standard apps that are unlicensed and shouldn't be there.

So a word of warning about the apps being published by Tuqsoft, a company seemingly in the habit of selling popular iPhone games as being available for Android:

Bitterwallet - complaints about Tuqsoft

The headline tells you it's a new version of the game; only the detail will tell you it's a live wallpaper. There's nothing to say it's even an official product. Needless to say, the games themselves aren't available for Android yet but have so much awareness that people are continually on the hunt for them; consumers see the icon in the listings and instantly hit 'buy', with several of the apps being sold over 10,000 times.

We've seen several complaints about this outfit, including one from avid Bitterwallet reader Dave. Yes, people should probably wonder what 'liveW' refers to and bother to read the descriptions, but then the products appear to be unlicensed and the descriptions are confusing at best, so they're clearly intended to deceive.


  • Tweedskin
    I dont buy/install a single app on my Android without reading a few user's comments first (which you can't miss as they're on the same page as the app). Also the average review of only 2.5 stars should be warning enough for most. It's similar to people who sell Games console boxes on eBay. They even say it's just a box yet people still pay £100 + for them simply because they can't be bothered to read the description.
  • Phil
    Why don't people buying these uses Google refund system? Its pain but works (Need to do it quick though). Of course it would hurt them to read the reviews first???
  • Pretentious C.
    I find Android users shallow and pedantic. There is no surprise that Android users are being ripped off by this scam as clearly they have inadequate intelligence in choosing not to get a iPhone in the first place. Sent from my iPad
  • oneborn
    caveat emptor or more like empty cavity - as some buyer seem to have
  • Bazinga
    No ready, money spendy, silly billy. Stupid tax rocks.
  • dvdj
    Fucking serves them right for being a thick twat. It's got LiveW on it and it's also in "Personalization" for fuck sake?
  • Steve
    Yep, watch this cunt - he also steals free live wallpapers from the XDA forums and sells them on the Android Market.

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