Better mobile coverage on trains please!

trainThe network coverage on train journeys can be pretty grim. And so, a train operator is teaming up with a mobile phone company to improve coverage for passengers. If this works, surely it'll be rolled out nationally?

East Midlands Trains is working with Vodafone to improve the mobile phone signal on its carriages and equipment is being installed on 27 Meridian trains that operate on the Midland Main Line (the route between Sheffield and London) which will hopefully strengthen and improve the mobile phone signal.

The first phase of the project has seen East Midlands Trains engineers installing mobile phone signal boosters to six of its seven-carriage Meridian trains.

Managing director David Horne said the company's entire Meridian fleet would be enhanced early next year.



  • Commuter
    Finally - the signal on the East Midlands mainline to London is the worst I have seen
  • Miserable B.
    More twats blabbering on about their mundane jobs/lives. Exactly what's missing from public transport in this country. Mint
  • maxtweenie
    @ Miserable Bastard - I totally agree. On one journey home recently some knobhead was on the phone constantly, and having to constantly redial every time we went through a tunnel and he lost signal You couldn't fail to hear his conversation, and it didn't take much to work out he was talking to his wife, who was waiting at the station to pick him up.
  • Jez
    @Miserable @Maxtweetie I can appreciate you being annoyed at having to listen to other conversations. Some of us, however are quiet and only want to use data so we can get stuff done that would mean we have more time for the enjoyable things we could be doing when we get home! This is also impossible with signals on trains at the current time!

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