Better deals right here, right now with G1's CompareEverywhere

Got a G1 Google phone yet? If not, why not? They're pretty cool, apparently, if not quite as sexy as an iPhone. They're stolen plenty of the iPhone's best features, but built on them too. For example, they've done away with iPhone's frankly rubbish two megapixel camera, upgraded the spec, and then done some very clever stuff with it. Like CompareEverywhere.

It's an application that uses the phone's camera to let you scan bar-codes on goods while out shopping. It then instantly searches dozens of online and local stores, so you can compare price tags and scoop up the best deal. It also trawls online for product reviews, so you can see how whether stuff is worth buying in the first place.

We're yet to have a play with CompareEverywhere, but it sounds like a consumer blessing. If you've bought your fancy new G1 phone and had a go in Woolies' toy department, let us know what you think.


  • Joe
    My cubemate got a G1 and we have been playing with the CompareEverywhere app. It works really well and we have found some good deals on stuff already. I figure it is only a matter of time before store owners get upset at people for coming in, finding what they like, then scanning the barcode to find it cheaper somewhere else.
  • Vince W.
    (picturing a queue of people with androids scanning barcodes in HMV... 'oh, it says it's cheaper to download off GoogleTunes!')
  • Colin
    I actually started working on an app to do this a few years ago, but Java/J2ME was too much of a pain that it'd only have worked on a couple of Java-camera-enabled phones and getting it to actually speak to the internet on more than one specific handset was actually going to be just as hard as writing some code to read the barcode. Shame though, I could have been rich!
  • Will B.
    [...] passcodes or even an on-screen barcode that a cashier can scan must be in the works; a ying to CompareEverywhere’s [...]

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