Behold the Palm Pre, but is it really an iPhone killer?

Over the next couple of months, the smartphone wars really hot up; Apple are expected to pile in with two new iPhone handsets, while Google and T-Mobile attempt to snatch more of the market with their new G2 phone.

Meanwhile, there's all sorts of trouser-stretching excitement over the new Palm Pre. Those in the know who have had a hands-on fiddle reckon it could be an iPhone killer, but unless it comes with Flight Control pre-installed (personal best currently 114) it's unlikely. That said, it looks very impressive; PC Pro have managed to get hold of a Pre and it does look special:

Is it enough to stop the Apple juggernaut? Probably not, but then it's unlikely Palm want that mainstream market, and will be happy to reel in existing Palm owners and business users who think the iPhone is for kids. Which it's not, obviously - Flight Control is very, very serious business.

[PC Pro]


  • phil m.
    that is one awesome phone! i think i will definetely be interested in buying this. I just want something that is an iPhone, but isn't made by Apple!
  • the2ocan
    I laugh at your personal best (haha!!) personal best is 159
  • JJMcClure
    The Palm Pre might prove itself to be better than an iPhone but will not get the same amount of sales as it doesnt have an Apple logo on it.
  • Mike S.
    Girlfriend just beat my high score with 101. Hearing that other people have beat her makes me feel a little better. Or a little worse I'm not sure...
  • Chris
    466. Yes I am a loser.
  • Ian P.
    Buy the Plam phone and add your own Apple logo - best of both worlds - better and cheaper phone - simply add the Apple brand for the brand addicts out there....
  • Paul S.
    @chris 466? Sweet muscular Jesus, how? How?? PS are there any other aircraft introduced later on? I want a jet that screams in and screws everything up.
  • Mike H.
    512, losers (Whats flight control?)
  • Noghar
    I have an iPhone, and hate the way Apple has it all tied up so you can't customise it or add your own artwork (or shoot videos, or cut and paste etc etc) (yes I know about the 3.0 software but when?) So I jailbroke it. Wish I could unlock it too but it's 2.21 - anyway - the thing is, while the Pre is a fabulous looking bit of kit, will the user be able to customize it the way I have done with my iphone? Will there be a million geeks and (sometimes amazingly good) artists out there designing a million free apps and themes for it? And more to the point, will Palm survive long enough to market it properly and establish the Pre as a serius rival to the iphone? They've come up with some wonderful tech (the 3a, the Icantrememberthenamenow - before - but a lot of them never took off the way they should. If when the Pre comes out it is priced at less that £200 sim free, it might just have a chance of supplanting the iphone as iconic musthave gadget.
  • James R.
    Nothing will beat the IPOD, like IPOD will never produce a decent phone - it's like comparing chalk and cheese. What you have here is a very good phone that goes somewhere near to the fluid UI that is available on the IPOD. BTW, what a shit presentation of a new product - Palm should have used someone that knows there ass from their elbow!

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