Behold the bendable smartphone!

Behold the bendable smartphone!

Have you been hankering for a bendy smartphone? Good news - a start-up is going to make one, and they think it is the world's first. We're sure other people have done it, but whatever.

The Moxi Group say they're planning to ship 100,000 of the bendy mobiles by the close of the year.

Now, these look like they're only going to be available in China, and they're going to set you back around £520. As you can see from the image above, the phone itself when splayed out, is a long thin thing, which isn't particularly handsome.

However, you can roll it up into a cylinder, and probably wear the thing if you like.

How do they do it? Well, the screen uses graphene, which is thin, light, and conductive. The battery is at the bottom of the phone, so that doesn't have to bend at all.

The promotional photographs of the flexible mobile look decent enough, but that's not quite the whole picture - the first phones released will actually have a black and white screen, using an e-ink affair, like you've seen on some e-reader devices.

Fine for basic stuff - not great if you want to watch some people having fistfights on YouTube.

Either way, this is something of a first and they look like they're going to beat Samsung to the punch, who have talked about having a smartphone that is so bendable, you can fold it in half.

We'll have to wait and see.

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