Because you're worth it - the Hair Clinic iPhone app

Here in the Bitterwallet offices, we all enjoy fine manes of lush, thick hair. Admittedly, they're not always on our heads, but we're men enough to live with a mature hairline.

That said, if you've got a full head of hair, there's no doubt whatsoever you'll want to keep it. There's an app for that. No, really. Stop laughing. Hair Clinic is an iPhone app that'll ensure you'll never wish for a syrup fig, and what's more it costs a mere £2.39 - you can't even buy decent styling product for that price.

How does this scientific-techno bollocks work, then? In their own words...:

HAIR CLINIC generates various types of inaudible high and low frequencies to promote circulation around hair roots under the head skin and as a result, hair roots can be provided nutrition normally. That process improves the function of hair roots and the condition of hair. And then you will have healthy abundant hair.

Easy as that, then. If phrases such as "It's not late" and "head skin" haven't made you wonder whether it's undergone strict medical testing in the UK, then we're looking for gullible monkeys test subjects to try the app for us. Get in touch. You're worth it.


  • Mike H.
    I plucked a pube the other day, I shit thee not, it was as long as a biro, I was so chuffed with its length, I left it on the dinning room table for the Mrs to admire later.
  • Paul
    "...generates various types of inaudible high and low frequencies..." /Run Bullshit Decoder "...generates various types of bollocks all..." Prove it.
  • Craig
    Does the iPhones built in speaker have the frequency range to produce inaudible sound? I wouldn't have thought so.
  • picasso
    I'm a developer for iPhone.... iPhone built in speaker has the range to produce inaudible sounds? Yes. 20hz to 20,000hz.... Actually, I tested this app because I was curious about the sound range of built in speaker. I got some frequency signals with the equipment from the built in speaker of my iPhone but I couldn't hear anything.

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