Bearded lady from Nectar launches iPhone app

If you're too posh for Clubcard points because your middle-class pretensions demand you shop with a Nectar card, then good news. There's a new iPhone app that offers users exclusive deals across all retailers that offer Nectar points. It's very basic, and we're not too sure why you have to tell the app you want an offer before purchasing it - presumably that's for data-capture and targetting rather than providing more meaningful functionality to the user. There's also a Sainsbury app offering similar features.

According to the promotional video, all you have to do now is bother with a full shop and a car hire every day, and you'll be enjoying that economy flight to Luton Airport in no time. And we're always suspicious of a woman who buys a man's Gilette razor - it usually means the circus is in town.


  • Paul
    The red anchor pendant she's wearing is making me suspicious that you can get bonus points on a certain brand of butter. And if you're pointing your iPhone at things, will in-store security think you're taking photos of stuff and ask you to leave?
  • The B.
    "we’re always suspicious of a woman who buys a man’s Gilette razor" I'd be more suspicious of a man buying an epilator.
  • Fake G.
    I'd be a fracking millionaire if nectar would track my amazon buys.
  • Song B.
    Damn, Nectar points on a Hertz rental car! I better rent me one of them...not.
  • Mark
    119.9 for diesel? fuck the nectar points.
  • David d.
    Perhaps she's going to shave her fanny
  • Tom
    So it's just a web page the. oooo
  • The B.
    Fake George, I'm glad it's not just me, I keep having to send them listings of my amazon purchases so they can add the points.

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