Attractive girl recreates Lady GaGa using just iPhones

iPhones? Yeah. Only dreary wankers have those right? They're not so special are they? They're just stupid gimmicky gadgets which people buy to light up their otherwise drab lives? I mean, apart from a few fun games, they're pretty pointless. Apple fans? Gits the lot 'em.

Well Apple haters, get this. A lady who is, shall we say 'easy on the eye', has managed to recreate Lady GaGa's 'Pokerface' using just apps on her iPhone. It's very clever and a fine use of a smartphone. To be honest, I'd rather watch dancing and singing than listen to some anti-Apple twerp moaning about Steve Jobs.

It's very clever isn't it? Even non Apple fans and GaGa haters should like this on some level. Anyway, over to you Dear Reader to make blindingly obvious jokes about 'Engrish'.


  • Adam
    Shame it's abviously not performed live, but she may have recorded it and sequenced each bit and then sung. So I guess the music could have been recorded live then vocals added and played back with her pretending. very well done though
  • F. F.
    Her pussy slips out at 1:39
  • Jassen
    Check out her other video, amazing!
  • ElBuc
    Nice knitwear.
  • Touch
    She is using the iPod Touch, not the iMoan.
  • Rich
    Yea...watched it on silent :)
  • Nobby
    It would have been quicker to download it from piratebay.
  • cicobuff
    Extremely innovative, but not very cost effective, would cost more to buy 4 iPhones than buy a Digital Keyboard with integrated sequencer which would have done an even better job...oh well.
  • (jah) w.
    It's not supposed to be cost effective, it's supposed to be a novelty video.
  • Alexis
    Muffin has somehow become mubwin!
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. She is so SEXY. I'd like to get her on that couch and give her one.
  • rabidrat
    Extremey innovative, Ingenious use of iphones & she has a very good voice too.
  • joanne
    I am in love!
  • Muriel C.
    Gaga is the best popmusic girl ever! (and Trey Songz is the same among boys!)

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