Asda launches £5 mobile

D5430381-D9A7-4C11-B823-51939092AD86 Today, Asda are launching what they believe to be the cheapest mobile on the market, available for a mere fiver.

For your money, you get a T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go1 Alcatel 1010 handset, which isn't pretty and has little in the way of features... but it is cheap.

The features it does have are, well, it's light and it has 3MB of memory and an inbuilt MP3 player and wireless FM radio. The offer comes without a minimum top-up charge so shoppers can buy as much or as little credit as they choose.

Why would you want one? Well, Asda reckon that it'll be a hit with those looking to buy a spare phone or, failing that, old people.

Claire McAuley, Mobile phone buyer at Asda says: "With purse strings stretched ahead of the festive season and a quarter of mums budgeting more than ever, our customers are always looking for new ways to save money. We’ve launched the UK’s lowest priced phone as a solution to keeping in touch at the lowest cost possible this Christmas and are expecting shoppers of all ages to snap them off the shelves."


  • Alexis
    Isn't the cheapest one about a tenner at the moment? Presumably that has been flying off the shelves as well then? Or does nobody give a toss because it's not 2002.
  • Me
    Meh. Got a Sony PAYG for £5 from carphone warehouse about 4 years ago... Had to use Quidco to bring it down from £7.50 to £5 mind you but this really isn't that unique a deal.
  • jokester2
    Still better than an iPhone....
  • Nathan
    As it's Asda Mobile, it'll be locked to their network and their Vodafone parent. Which means, the coverage will be absolute shite.
  • Bastard
    £5 for a remote detonator....bit steep ain't it?
  • Mr. H.
    Just the thing for making death threats to celebrities.

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