ASA ban Phones4U Jesus Ad

Phones4U have, shall we say kindly, an unusual approach to advertising. They've had village idiots being clicked and gestured at by someone who looks like a No Frills Ben Stiller, and now, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

That is, until the ASA got involved and banned it for being "disrespectful" after the might that is the whole of Christianity managed to garner a whopping 98 complaints about it.

phones4u jesus

The ASA said, while they recognised that it was supposed to be funny, Phones4U's depiction of Jesus during Easter "gave the impression that they were mocking and belittling core Christian beliefs".

"We therefore concluded that the ads were disrespectful to the Christian faith and were likely to cause serious offence, particularly to Christians," the watchdog said.

You can almost hear the gripes of Christians, saying "Imagine the outrage if it was the Prophet Mohammed!" No news on disgruntled Buddhists' views on Lucky Buddha beer as yet.


  • nicholson101
    ...and completely ripped off from the character 'Buddy Christ' used in the film Dogma!!
  • Yue
    As above, they are luckier that Kevin Smith doesn't sue for copyright.
  • Franky&Benny
    I knew I had seen that character somewhere before! Well pointed out nicholson101! Also, you see they use Jesus as the scape goat. Why not take the piss out of Muslims or Hindus? It's because they daren't. The media is free to take the rip out of Christianity but not any other religion.Talk about being hypocrits. You never EVER see anyone talking the rip out of the Muslims. Not saying Christanity is the way to go or anything, but if I'm going to be brainwashed with properganda at least make it not so obvious otherwise you just turn into a big faty fat-fat fail!
  • Bloke
    Why is Demis Roussos advertising mobile phones?

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