Are we all happy with our broadband, mobile and landline providers?

old man on phone Ofcom are going to look at ways that we can all get value for money and great service from the people who provide us with broadband, mobiles, landlines and pay TV.

However, their findings suggest that, generally, we're all rather happy with our communications services and that satisfaction is quite high. Further to that, Ofcom have also found that the price we pay for these services are comparable to the rest of the world.

These findings were detailed in their Consumer Experience Report, which was published today, alongside the Cost and Value Report.

The regulator says that, in the past decade, we've benefited from significant reductions in prices across most communications services. Basically, they've said we're getting more and spending less.

With that all in mind, Ofcom have vowed to focus on getting further improvements and better value for us. Which is nice. For improvements, they want consumers to be able to switch providers with greater ease and make sure that providers get installations more quickly and a faster turnaround on repairs and faults (or providers will face fines). They also want to review whether key communications services are affordable, particularly for poorer people.

They'll also be publishing the quality of service so we can all decide who we want to spend our money with and, with that, give providers some incentive to improve. They'll also be publishing things on 3G and 4G coverage. They've also noted that they'll be trying to protect us from unexpected mid-contract price rises, but we've already seen what the providers are doing there.

Ofcom have said that they'll be working with the Government in a bid to do more to rid us of nuisance and silent calls.

Speaking at the launch of Consumer Experience Report event yesterday, Ed Richards, Chief Executive of Ofcom, said: "The quality and value of communications services matters as much as their availability. The record in the last decade is good but we are determined to maintain focus on these important areas to ensure that communications markets continue to work in the best interests of consumers”.

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