Are TFL for or against pickpockets?

If you’re a regular visitor to this country’s capital, That London, you’ll probably be aware that there’s something of a pickpocketing problem in the city. Helpfully, Transport For London have come up with this poster ad that will remind and warn us all to keep our valuables tucked away in a safe place so that the baddies can’t get their greasy fingers on them. Valuables like, say, smartphones.


There’s even one of those modern QR codes on the poster, which links to a video about pickpocketing prevention. You know – those QR codes that you have to scan using an app on your VALUABLE smartphone. Oh. Hold on….

[spotted by avid Twitter user @BryanRoberts72]


  • chewbacca
    Slow news day?
  • Chris
    If somebody took the phone from you while you were using it, then it wouldn't be pick pocketing would it?
  • tin
    TFL favours straight forward theft.
  • Drunkmonkey
    Does the picture not look like someone is pretending there fingers is there penis through there flys. ???
  • Chewbacca
    @ Drunkmonkey Please learn the difference between "their" and "there", you fucking moron.
  • Nick
    @Chewbacca Grow the fuck up.
  • Filly
    Moron cunt
  • Rob
    Serious question, do people get paid to write for bitter wallet?
  • M4RKM
    a non story. A bag theft is totally different than a theft from your fucking hand
  • George
    Actually I saw stats a couple of years ago that showed pickpocketing was more common near signs that warned commuters about it. A poster that makes you conspicuously dive into your pockets to check on your valuables or pull out your phone to scan a QR code gives potentially useful information to would-be thieves. I'm not sure it would affect the total amount of crimes but it would be ironic if it ended up creating a new hotspot.
  • Boris
    Andy you are an idiot. I assume that you notice that this is a photograph of the poster. Was the photographers camera/phone stolen while taking the picture? Clearly not. Certain proof that the poster protects against theft. Case closed; another of my master strokes. However, taking a photograph on the underground is an act of terrorism. The QR code takes you to a page that is monitored by Old Scotland Yard and your number is recorded and tracked. I hope that the culprit is found and rightfully shot in the near future.
  • Boris
    What is this "moderation" of which you speak?
  • Boris
    Ah, I have looked up this moderation idea that BW has adopted. Aparently it is what the BBC use to get rid of things they do not approve of (non-leftie ideas). I am glad that BitterWallet has now set itself some standards. It would be a pity to allow things like "Moron cunt", "grow the fuck up" or "you fucking moron" to spoil the good natured fun had by all!
  • Frank P.
    If an old woman from Romania wanted to touch your cock through your open trouser zip to see if that's where your phone is then what's the problem. You can't please some people.
  • Mike H.
    You shouldn't be such a cunt and have an iPhone in the first place!
  • The J.
    Mike, my dear child. From my heavenly vantage I can see clearly why you are so angry all of the time. My sacred brother Jehovah has shared with me His ability to see all things as they truly are. Be at peace Our son. Let not the rage consume your heart. God has gifted you with shriveled genetalia for a reason and you should be comforted in the knowledge that He has a special place in His Sacred Heart for the deformed. Knowest that even you, an outcast amoungst The Saved, shall not be deprived of the eternal pleasure of iPad ownership. I say unto you that even though have been lost to Me you shall yet be found. When this time comes I tell you that there will be more joy in Heaven than when ninety-nine iPad2 owners upgrade. [Jobs 7:12]
  • Me
    I once gave someone an inch that they didn't want. Now I'm on a register.

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