Are Samsung finished?

samsung logo For a while now, Samsung hasn't had a bit of good news. Since the success of their Galaxy S3 phone, and the increased scrutiny that comes with it, they've looked like the kind of people who wouldn't know how to organise a burp in a pop factory.

And now, they've predicted a 30% drop in profits for the first quarter of 2015. What on earth are they playing at?

Of course, they're still making a load of money as a company (billions in fact), but it is remarkable that they're managing to mess this all up? They had a really popular phone which was making them cash money, so with each subsequent release, don't mess with the format too hard, and they'd be fine?

One of the problems for them is that Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which has proved to be very popular indeed. Samsung will be hoping that everyone falls like gannets on the newly released Galaxy S6 phone. If you can delete the bloatware off it, then they're in with a shot.

The average Samsung phone has a cavalcade of apps from the company themselves (not to mention all those Google ones you can't get rid of) which clogs up handsets and eats up memory space which consumers would invariably prefer to have filled with photos and music and the like.

Since Samsung's Galaxy phones led the market, back in 2012 and 2013, since then, they've been disappointing. If they carry on at this rate, they could Do A HTC.

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