Are our barcodes full of sweet, wonderful melodies?

Some people say that barcodes hide secret messages from Satan and that on the day of judgement, the sky will be filled with a giant barcode that will suck us all up into it and deliver us unto Hades. Or something.

That’s not what app developer Leo van der Veen believes though – he thinks that barcodes are filled with wonderful, beautiful music. His app, Barcodas, lets you scan any EAN or UPC barcode and then listen as it is interpreted into a melody, with each number on the barcode representing a different note. Witness…

You can even fanny about with the harmonic scale and tempo of your barcode tune and share any classics you unearth on the popular pervert’s hangout Facebook.

Van der Veen explains on his website: "Imagine walking into a supermarket filled with thousands of tunes to discover, a supermarket symphony." Bloody hippy. For now, we’re sticking with the online Otomata thing – we’ve already got a five-album deal with Warp Records on the back of some demos we made with it.


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