Are Motorola bringing the Razr back?

New Motorola Razr

Since everyone got smartphones - be it the new Samsung Galaxy S7, or the latest iPhone - no-one's been able to dramatically slam their phones down after arguing with someone.

One of the best, most iconic mobile phones for that, was the mighty Motorola Razr.

At one point in time, the Razr was the best-selling flip phone in the world, and is one of the most popular phones of all time.

And with that, Motorola have dropped some hints that the Razr could be making a comeback.

Motorola have uploaded a video, that looks like it comes from the hallways of Clueless, showing some young adults with flip phones.

The video is called '06.09.16', and has the caption of "Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future", and finishes with "TTYL" (which, for grandpas out there, means 'talk to you later').

And here it is.

Now, this might just be a teaser for something completely different, but that would be weird marketing. It looks like they've been inspired to go back to the Razr, with hugely improved technology and front and back cameras, and all the things everyone demands from a phone in 2016.

Of course, Adele had a clam-phone in her 'Hello' video, which remarkably, saw sales of them rising across the world, especially in Asia.

Are Motorola prepping a new, fancy smartphone you can dramatically slam shut, or are they going to bring out a simpler phone for those who are getting bored of smartphones as we know them?

We'll have to wait and see.

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