Are Facebook working on an anonymity app?

Bitterwallet - Facebook There's a handful of anonymity apps, such as Secret and Whisper, which have been growing in popularity lately and, not one to miss a money-making opportunity, it looks like Facebook is thinking of making their own version.

If this latest trend has passed you by, these apps showcase streams of short confessions from your contacts list or in your area. You comment or 'love' posts anonymously and what gets people hooked, is that you keep scrolling in case someone declares their love for you, slags you or someone you know off, and basically, it's a trickle of gossip where users shout things they wouldn't dare post on Twitter or Facebook.

Apparently, Facebook have already got in touch with the folks at Secret, but for once, it doesn't look like they'll be buying someone out. Seems like they're just tapping people up for ideas. That said, it hasn't stopped rumours that Zuckerberg will be willing to fork out $100 million to buy Secret.

If Secret are willing to sell, they'd be wise to wait a while: if Facebook have the money to buy WhatsApp for $19bn and Oculus for $2bn, then they'll surely have some leeway to broker a more hefty deal.

It certainly looks like Facebook are investigating the building of apps that you don't have to couple with your Facebook account, allowing the company to spread out without forcing people into having a Facebook account.

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