Are Apple losing the battle against cheaper tablets?

apple_logo_rainbow_6_color New figures released by research firm IDC show that Apple are still doing pretty well in the tablet market, however, on closer inspection, they have a few things to worry about.

Samsung, the world's second largest tablet maker is growing at a much faster rate than Apple. Apple are growing by 65%, which is great, but Samsung have grown by 282%, which is definitely a cause for concern for Apple. Asus grew by 350% percent and Amazon grew by 157%. Everyone, it seems, is hot on Apple's tail.

IDC analyst Tom Mainelli said: "One thing that I think is particularly notable about Apple is that they restarted the tablet market. Apple has been selling an awful lot of iPads in the U.S. since 2010."

"Apple's share is decreasing and they're ceding share to companies willing to sell tablets for $199, $99, or $79. It was a major concession for them to go down to $329 for the iPad mini."

"You'll see Apple's commercial shipments continue to grow," Mainelli said, "and there are still a lot more regions in the world to conquer."

So Apple won't be too worried, but with Samsung gobbling up chunks of Apple's market, it'll be interesting to see what Apple do next in a bid to stay ahead of the pack.

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