Apple's return policy shortened to 14 days

apple logo Thinking of returning your iPhone to Apple? Well, be warned - the company has now shortened their return policy from 30 days to 14 days.

The 14 day return policy has been in place for the Mac, iPod and iPad ranges for a while and now, the phones will fall in line with that.

The 30 day returns policy was one of the benefits of buying directly from Apple themselves. At two weeks, their return window is the same as everyone else, so the benefits of buying from Apple is now slightly reduced.

Of course, this won't make a jot of difference to FanBois, but it is worth keeping in mind in case you were thinking of trying out an Apple phone.


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  • Coran
    Par for course for Apple these days.. Let us not forget it was not long ago that Apple were selling extended warranties...which their items already legally had.. :D

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