Apple's location data hoarding - there may be an app for that

Since it was revealed that the Apple (and latterly, Android) handsets record and store a user's location without permission, there's been outrage, dismissal and no word from either party. This ganting void of explanation has led many to wildly speculate and plenty of fanboy bashing and counter-bashing.

A clue to what Apple are planning to do with all your location data may have been uncovered in a patent filed by the company last month. The patent is called "Location histories for location aware devices" and it outlines an application that allows an iPhone user to visualise where their handset has been and associated those data points with a corresponding activity. Or as Apple put it: "Data associated with a picture taking event, data associated with a financial transaction, sensor output data, data associated with a communication event."

Bitterwallet - iPhone location appSo far from being a bug or a mistake, it seems Apple has been recording the location data intentionally. Will a new location app provide a useful and relevant user experience? Or will be it be as unloved and misguided as Ping? Wait - record our location without consent, then monitor our money? *dons tin foil hat*


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