Apple's iOS 9 keeps making things crash

sad-apple-logo We told you what Apple have in store for the new iOS 9 update, but it isn't all good. A lot of people have been noting that the update is making their devices crash. Apple have been having a lot of glitches lately, haven't they? 'Just works' indeed.

On social media, some have said that they've been unable to use their phones at all, while others have just lost patience and done a factory reset, losing all their non-backed up data in the process. Ideally, Apple would fix it and issue an update, stat.

People with older iPhones have noticed that their phones are seizing up on a "swipe to upgrade" page, even though Apple deemed this upgrade as 'friendly' to older devices.

Another problem here is that iOS 8 was a glitchfest too, and some of the bugs in that weren't ever properly fixed. Apple are risking annoying a lot of people who have paid a lot of money for a 'premium' product. If they keep this up, their customer base could drop.

So what should you do if you haven't upgraded yet, but are thinking of doing so? Well, it'd be a good idea to wait a few days, and let Apple sort their mess out and iron out the bugs that are in their system at the moment. You're in no rush.


  • Albi
    Meh. Works fine here
  • kainoa h.
    Please help I have a iPad air and its stuck on the swipe to upgrade if u know a solution please notify me thank you
  • sue w.
    My iPhone has just updated to iSO9 it is asking for a 4 digit pass code that I do not have so now I can't get into my phone at all.
  • Gary
    So what do I do to resolve this issue . Tried iTunes to reset and can't even do that . Now stuck with phone that is dead . What is the answer please , what should I do now , can't afford a new phone. Please advice us on this matter Regards Gary .
  • siobhan
    My phone crashed why updating and had to pay 144pound to get fixed as couldt claim on my insurance witch is outrageous for something that aint my fault
  • Father J.
    It is your fault, you fucking vegetable, because you bought iShite. HTH.
  • Tony
    When I upgraded my iPad, the 4 digit code it wanted was screen log in code, hope that helps
  • carole s.
    I upgraded my iPad to ios 8 it crashed it cost me £29.00 to fix was told it was my slow wi fi that was faulty,now I know he was talking bollocks,my iPad keeps telling me to upgrade to ios 9 dont think ill bother again,its still not running right.been told by loads of pals about there iPad that have crashed.a conn
  • carole s.
    That's what happened to mine,cost me £29.00 to get it sorted,they put it back to factory setting
  • John P.
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