Apple will loan you a phone while yours is repaired

iphone 6 If you've knackered your iPhone and bust the screen up or whatever, by being a massively clumsy oaf, this news will interest you - Apple are going to be offering iPhones on loan, while yours gets patched up.

According to Apple, this new service is being tested out across shops in Europe and America. It hasn't been adopted by all Apple stores yet, so don't start throwing your weight around and being unreasonable if staff say that they don't know what you're talking about.

If you take an iPhone 6/6S or iPhone 6S/6S Plus in store for major problems, you'll be lent a 16GB iPhone 6 while yours is away.

What does 'serious problems' mean exactly? Well, it looks like Apple consider booting problems, or handsets that won't connect with iTunes will count. There'll be more added to that list no doubt, as the service is rolled out worldwide.

Of course, some users will be irritated by this news, especially if they're more used to Apple fixing their devices (in-warranty, obviously) on-site.

There's no pleasing some folk though, eh?

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