Apple will fix your faulty iPhone button

apple logo Do you have an iPhone 5 that has a dicky power button on it? Well, Apple have heard your complaints and will fix them up for you, free of charge.

You'll need to go to a special section on Apple's website, pop in your serial number and WHAM! you'll be getting a thing that works properly.

Apple say that the on/off feature, or the sleep and wake modes are where the issues are and only a small number of owners are affected. This isn't like the time Apple got rinsed when they had to sort out all the phones with faulty antenna in 2010.

"Apple has determined that the sleep/wake button mechanism on a small percentage of iPhone 5 models may stop working or work intermittently," says Apple on its website. "iPhone 5 models manufactured through March 2013 may be affected by this issue.

"Apple will replace the sleep/wake button mechanism, free of charge, on iPhone 5 models that exhibit this issue and have a qualifying serial number."

Customers in the USA will be able to get it sorted right now, which everyone else will have to wait until May 2nd 2014.

The replacement will take around 4 to 6 days from the time you take your iPhone in for repair. You'll need to back up your data and wipe all content and settings too.

If you think you're eligible, then visit the designated site here.


  • Alexis
    "This isn’t like the time Apple got rinsed when they had to sort out all the phones with faulty antenna in 2010." Nah, there was nothing wrong with 'em. Just the twonks who couldn't hold them properly. Storm and teacup etc etc
  • Raggedy_UK
    I heard that clenching an iPhone between your buttocks was the correct way to hold them plus it has the added advantage of perfecting that 'stance' that only iPhone users have.
  • FormerlyofDSGIandBestBuy
    Any ideas on if you have been stung by paying out for a third party to repair it in the meantime after Apple quoted me £200 to repair the button?!!?! Will they give me a refund of THAT?!!? I doubt it..

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