Apple to update your iPhone to make it speedier!

iphone 6 Does you iPhone run slower than an ageing colonel? Is your Apple device about as nifty as a double decker filled with concrete passengers? Well, there's some good news for you!

Apple are planning a new, free software update which will make your iPad and iPhone run much more quickly. That's nice of them isn't it? Unless they mess it up of course.

This brand new iOS 9 update is apparently going to try and iron out all the bugs and lag from your device and generally speed the performance up. While previous iOS updates have been all about that interface, tidying up design and fiddling with the functions, the new one has set its sights almost wholly on performance and speed.

Rumour has it that this new update will come in June and of course, like all other iOS updates, it'll be free for all compatible devices.

So there you go. If you've been whining about your iThing, all your problems might be solved when the summer comes.

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  • Russ
    Yeah right , a any .0 has always got bugs so 9.0 will be no different you'll see. And then in a attempt to fix they'll bring out a 9.1.0 2 weeks later and so on . . .

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