Apple to unveil iPhone 8GB 5C ANY MINUTE NOW?

some iphones recently
some iphones recently

Apple is planning to launch an 8GB iPhone 5C at ANY TIME NOW according to some leaky documents.

Apparently German bloggers have obtained a product sheet from O2 Germany and claim the handset will retail at 60 euros (£50) less than the 16GB model.

Meanwhile, Engadget also suggest a downsized iPhone 5C is on its way.

Since the 5C's launch in September, Apple has remained quiet about sales of the phone, but it seems that the iPhone 5S is outselling the cheaper version by three to one.

This has lead to Apple PANICKING LIKE HELL* (*possibly introducing a discounted 5C, or even - Heavens - getting rid of it altogether, so that a scaled-back 5S can be the Daddy.

How barmy.

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  • Alexis
    Why would they panicking about selling much more of the product with the biggest profit margin? The 4S probably doesn't sell as many as the 5, as with the 3S when the 4 came out.

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