Apple to tinker with iPhone's autocorrect


Apple are going to tinker with their autocorrect system, in a bid to stop you texting the wrong thing people.

Of course, mistyped messages can be the funniest thing ever, and the rest of the time, you pretty much know what people are getting at when they make a mistake, but Apple want to sort it out, and smooth all the corners off life, like they did with all their gadgets.

Apple have filed a new patent which tells of a way that, when a message has been sent, your iPhone will highlight any words that have been altered by their autocorrect feature.

You would be able to click the highlighted word, and see what you've originally typed, and also given alternative words that you may have meant in the first place.

Naturally, this is one of the most boring developments to hit an iPhone, and of course, phones have had things like this for years and years.

However, if we know one thing about Apple, it is that they like to repackage old things and sell them as new ideas to people who buy their phones.

This being a patent, Apple may never actually give this the light of day. Or, you could just switch autocorrect off.

Either way, this is a perfect excuse to link to the always good value, DamnYouAutocorrect site, where you can look at funny cock-ups by smartphone owners.

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  • youngatwork

    Most of those are faked anyway

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