Apple to block your camera at gigs?

Apple to block your camera at gigs?

In the olden days, you could barely get a photo of a gig, because security would scald you if you whipped your camera out. Then, along came smartphones and social media, making it impossible to police.

Of course, it has been a godsend as artists get free promotion, and if anyone cocks up at a gig and falls over, or if anyone in the crowd makes a fool of themselves, someone's on-hand to capture it and share it with the world.

That only leaves geriatrics to complain about people not living in the moment, maaaaan, while simultaneously not living in their own moment by wishing it was [insert the exact time they were 18 here].

That said, Apple are looking at stopping people from taking pictures at shows and the like, as they've filed a patent which they hope will crack down on piracy and leaking information at functions.

Of course, if everyone's got an Android phone, this is all for nothing.

Either way, an infrared emitter will be placed in areas where photography is prohibited, which will send a signal to your iPhone, which will then block the camera app on your phone.

You'll still be able to send texts and make calls if you need to, but you won't be able to film your gig.

So, this could be a good thing at say, a museum or a theatre production, but not so great if someone's up to no good, and no-one can get evidence of a misdeed on their phone, thanks to this jamming signal.

That all said, it is only a patent at the moment, so there's nothing to worry about just yet.

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  • Adamck

    Isn't infrared just line of sight?

    So in theory if you just cover up the infrared receiver with some tape, it will block the signal and let you film again?

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