Apple to add age-ratings on apps (to help guarantee scenes of a sexual nature?)

apple_logo_rainbow_6_color Apple, the moral guardians of the app world, have decided to start highlighting the recommended age ratings on apps so boo-hooing parents will shut up.

When you download an app now, one of the first things you'll see is an age rating. This means Apple won't have to deal with the kerfuffle that happened when the then-unrated video app 'Vine' mistakenly featured hardcore porn as an 'Editor's Pick'.

There were similar problems with photo app '500px' over naked pictures, which means that 'Vine' and '500px' now come with a 17+ rating for adult content.

Of course, this is great news for people who want guaranteed wangs and boobs and we can all now browse apps like films, looking for scenes of a sexual nature.

Whether Apple will do anything about the spate of stories that have seen infants spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds while using apps unsupervised is another matter. Thus far, Apple have added a line of text to apps informing users that some games support in-app purchases.

Apple should issue a statement noting that it isn't their job to raise your children with a concept of money.


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