Apple sued over WiFi Assist

apple Apple love being in court. They're there all the bloody time with Samsung and the like. Well now, Apple are getting sued over the WiFi Assist tool that is on iOS9.

A couple from California have filed a class action lawsuit relating to the tool, saying it eats into data allowances and causes mobile bills to spike upwardly. Apple have the feature turned on automatically (and we showed you how to turn the feature off) and it is supposed to give you a smoother connection, should your WiFi connection become ropey.

The idea is that you won't have to buffer videos too much if your WiFi is patchy, because it'll switch to your mobile signal.

Well, Scott Phillips and Susan Schmidt Phillips aren't best pleased with this, and they have said that Apple haven't made it clear enough that this tool could end up eating into your data allowance. Of course, if you don't have an unlimited plan, this is a costly issue.

The Phillips' say Apple’s online explainer about WiFi Assist came far too late, and wasn't explicit enough, and they think there's a lot of people out there who are still unclear about the whole thing.

How much? $5 million in damages is being sought, which is remarkable. Of course, Apple can afford that, but they would rather avoid the embarrassment you suspect. Other phones offer this feature too, so there's going to be a few people looking nervously over their shoulders about all this.

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