Apple - Size IS everything

some iphones recently
some iphones recently

It’s all go with Apple this year, as they’re planning on not only launching two new larger iPhones this year, but look like they’re going to incorporate a SwiftKey function too.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s launches plan to avoid using the plastic exterior casing of last year’s model (which – boohoo – sold badly), but also to develop an iPhone with a 4.5 inch display and another one with a screen bigger than 5 inches.

Size clearly being a thing here, all those iPhone fans can queen it up with theirs being bigger than others. There might also be a war at some point hopefully, and some sort of perspective bombshell might make these same people look a bit insane.

This is seen as a bid to increase Apple’s market in Asia, as their rivals with their bigger screens seem to be leaving them for dust.

SwiftKey – a third party keyboard that can be installed on Android devices – connects to an Evernote account which makes it easier to enter text, tags, notebook and real time syncing, but there’s no swiping input – one of the key features. While still quite clunky on the iPhone (it would seem Apple are being a bit arms-length about it) it’s a great little app in general.


  • klingelton
    I don't have trouble texting on my iphone. if the iphone 6 had a larger screen, i wouldn't get it. Me thinks the bods at apple need to look at why the iphone 5c didn't sell well (maybe something to do with it not being much of an upgrade, and those upgrading on contract would get the 5s, even that isn't miles better than the 5).
  • Merkin G.
    I don't give a shit just change the trolley
  • John h.
    Get the trolley out
  • Ginge M.
    I like the feral trolley of the decade.
  • barry f.
    FUCK OFF FERAL TROLLEY! massive massive metallic meshed cunt!
  • Teddy E.
    Surely Apple's best strategy is to increase their prices? After all it's always worked in the past and various governments have always seemed to be pretty complacent about the obvious price fixing that they indulge in.

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