Apple reckon the iPhone 6 is impossible to unlock

iphone7 Apple have gone and told a judge that getting at the data stored on a locked iPhone would be ‘impossible’ (provided the device is using the latest operating system). Sounds like someone throwing the gauntlet down to us.

Anyway, they made this claim after a federal magistrate judge wanted Apple's opinion as the court looked at a request to force the phone makers to give a hand to authorities who wanted to access a seized iPhone that was part of an investigation.

Apple reckons that 90% of their devices that are running iOS 8 or higher would be impossible to get into, after they bolstered encryption. The latest device has a feature that stops people getting at data if they don't have the passcode. That includes Apple themselves. Although, we reckon there's a few shops on the high street who will still have a go at getting into it, for a small fee.

This of course, followed the Edward Snowden leaks, when everyone started getting really jumpy about personal privacy and security.

Apple told US Magistrate Judge James Orenstein that they can access the devices which are still running older systems, but Apple think that this is around 10% of their users.

"Forcing Apple to extract data in this case, absent clear legal authority to do so, could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers and substantially tarnish the Apple brand," said Apple’s lawyers.


  • Russell B.
    It will be more interesting when soon there will be no SIM card and only be built into the phone lets see them unlock 1 of them
  • Han S.
    Not impossible at all, just need a brute force attack until you find the right key. Might take you several decades of course...

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