Apple Pay: only good for £20

apple pay At some point next month, people in the UK will be able to use Apple Pay, which is backed by a shedload of merchants and retailers. However, the crappy news is that customers will only be able to spend £20 at a time.

It won't be forever though, because when September comes around, you'll be able to spend a whopping £30!

This is all a bit of a damp squib, as most people can make contactless payments for these amounts with their cards, but hey ho, some might want to show off that they've got an iPhone to everyone else for some reason.

Most people won't be affected by all this, but it is definitely something to keep in mind, say, if you're travelling to the UK and intent on using your phone as a payment option - get back-up.

It is worth noting though, that merchants with terminals "capable and configured properly" will be able to support larger transactions.

"To accept Apple Pay for transactions over £20, your payment terminal must be capable and configured properly, and your payment provider needs to support the latest network contactless specifications", says Apple in its FAQ.

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