Apple: Now promoting big penises

apple logo Apple have a new advert out, and it is supposed to show-off how much they think you should buy an iPhone. In a bid to do this, they've got some hipsters to join together and sing a 90s song.

So far, so typical.

However, what Apple seem to have missed is the message in the song they chose. They have these hipsters singing 'Gigantic' by The Pixies.

And that just happens to be a song about large black penises. Or, it's a song about some people having sex while another watches. Either way, you have to assume Apple are too dumb to have checked out anything like that.

"The lyrics go like this: Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic... a big big love... lovely legs they are... what a big black mess... what a hunk of love... walk her every day into a shady place... he’s like the dark, but I’d want him"

Pixies bass player Kim Deal, who sings the track and co-wrote it with Frank Black, has said that the song is a bit dirty, and is based on the film 'Crimes of the Heart' where Sissy Spacek plays a married woman who has an affair with a black teenager.

So there you have it, fanboys. You need to go and get some gigantic love in you right away or you'll make the ghost of Steve Jobs cry.

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  • Mary S.
    Apple users. Lovers of big dicks.

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