Apple: Now in court more than R Kelly

apple_logo_rainbow_6_colorApple love being in court. They'd sue their own reflection if they could. However, this week, they've got everyone else in their sights, shouting and tutting at Samsung and Amazon.

And today, Apple will be winking at the jury as the opening statements for the Apple/Samsung patent case are made in California. Of course, Apple and Samsung have been dickswinging for over a year in one of the largest and most irritating intellectual property infringement spats ever. Basically, Apple's case is that Samsung's phones looked markedly different before the iPhone came out and now, lo and behold, they look pretty similar. Feel free to interject with evidence to the contrary.

Either way, we could see some devices banned from sale, so this is a big deal (although, you could just buy a different phone). Thus far, Apple have succeeded in having the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus banned from sale in the US, but of course, Samsung countersued. They reckon that Apple's devices would have been impossible to make without Samsung's technology. That's right. Samsung provides bits of the iPhone for Apple.

Elsewhere, Amazon are being taken to court over the use of "app store", with Apple demanding that the retailer explain itself. "This motion is made on the grounds that Amazon has refused to produce information directly relevant [to] the claims and defense of the parties," the Apple filing said. "Specifically, that Amazon has refused to produce documents and information relevant to the issue of consumer confusion."

Basically, Apple want to prevent people from using the term 'app store' and, of course, they took Microsoft to court over similar bother a few years ago. Apple obviously love the coffee they have in American courthouses.


  • Bill w.
    App - abbreviation, an application for a piece of computer software Store - A shop App Store - a place that sells applications. Seems pretty generic to me, both terms app existed well before Apple started calling their store an "app store", but then this is being fought in a California court which means that Apple will of course win.
  • Inspector G.
    Sadly Bill you are right. Apple even managed to get the guy that owned domain off him, even though he had registered it many many years ago, before they started to put lower case 'i's infront of stuff.
  • The M.
    Apple - Originally annoying due to their irritating customers telling us all how great macs were. More irritating with the over priced and over hyped ipod which everyone had to have. Even more irritating with the ipad, like a newspaper only 300 times the price and you can't wipe your arse with it if you run out of loo paper. Now all these pathetic lawsuits... I guess their next step towards being loved by all will be a feature which hums bits of random tunes tunelessly whilst poking you. With broken glass. In your eye ball.
  • The M.
    I would like Apple to own the word app. Then we can all get back to calling them programs, just as it should be. If they could also own the phrase 'it's all good', so no-one else can say it, then that would be perfect.
  • Commodore....wwwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy???
    Commodore had the chance to blow these muppets out the water in the late 70s, instead Jack Tramiel saw the home computer market boom in the UK and wanted a piece of that instead....If Commodore had continued aggressively in the business world Apple would not have survived the early 80s.
  • Mr. P.
    @ The Disaffected Massive The iPod was overhyped? Have you ever considered that those kids who bullied you at school for being a knob might actually have been right?
  • Paul
    I pods are awful. The Quality of the MP3's sold on the I Tunes store is often below 320 but the price always higher than other places like trackitdown or beatport.
  • Me
    People pay for MP3? LOL
  • Paul
    Not all things are available in sufficient quality on pirate sites
  • JJ
    @Paul MP3s are not sold via iTunes, they are AAC's which have a far superior compression algorithm and sound much better than MP3's at equivalent bitrates. At 256kbps (The bitrate iTunes dispenses at) the music is virtually indistinguishable from that of a CD.
  • william's h.
    @The Disaffected Massive Perhaps they could also own the rights to the expressions '24/7' , 'big ask' and 'fuckadoddledo' and then they would sue the pants off my manager and I wouldn't have to take them off him instead.
  • Zleet
    How can Apple claim ownership of a fucking shape? No matter how much the fanboys may wish it to be true Steve Jobs didn't invent the rectangle. It's just a laptop minus the keyboard, why is this even going to court?
  • Prince D.
    Blah Blah Blah I hope that they soon find their way in to that other rectangle their maestro found his way in to....the icoffin. This bollox is getting boring.

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